Mass Change Requests

For the following actions, we offer the option of submitting your departmental requests of 10 or more changes on a spreadsheet: Advisor Change, Pre-requisite Waivers, Program Changes, Section Changes, Substitution Requests.  For requests affecting less than ten students, please use traditional forms, one per student.  

All request forms require each students' correct seven-digit Student ID number, which is available in Colleague (all areas), and Faculty Self-Service.

Submit mass change requests as an attachment from a valid faculty or staff TWU e-mail, and the body of the e-mail must include the intent of the changes and the department individual who is authorizing the request. Do not include students' names or ID numbers in the body of the e-mail. 

For all requests, we ask that you do not reformat the spreadsheet in any way.

Page last updated 12:08 PM, April 1, 2022