Mass Change Requests

For the following actions, we offer the option of submitting your departmental requests of 10 or more changes on a spreadsheet: Advisor Change, Pre-requisite Waivers, Program Changes, Section Changes, Substitution Requests. For requests affecting less than ten students, please use traditional forms, one per student.

All request forms require each students' correct seven-digit Student ID number, which is available in Colleague (all areas), and Faculty Self-Service.

Submit mass change requests as an attachment from a valid faculty or staff TWU email, and the body of the email must include the intent of the changes and the department individual who is authorizing the request. Do not include students’ names or ID numbers in the body of the email.

For all requests, we ask that you do not reformat the spreadsheet in any way.

Page last updated 4:33 PM, June 30, 2022