Census Date and Rosters

The Census Date is the date defined by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) on which an official and final enrollment count is recorded for submission to THECB.  The actual day on which the Census Date falls, is determined by the length of the term.

The Census Date is published on the official academic calendar.

The Census Date is the last date to make schedule changes for a term.  The day following the Census Date, enrollment data is collected documenting the official and final enrollment count for submission to THECB.  To be counted for state aid, students must be registered by the Census Date, and the institution must collect tuition and fees from each student in full, or have documented payment arrangements on record. 

The day after the Census Date, your rosters will become available for verification.  The due date for your roster verifications is published in the academic calendar.  Please see the instructions for how to verify and submit your official rosters.

Page last updated 3:17 PM, January 17, 2019