Mission and Goals

Counseling Psychology Master's Program Mission and Goals Statement

The master's degree program in counseling psychology provides systematic training within a practitioner-scientist model to prepare students for professional mental health practice in a wide range of settings. The program is grounded in feminist multicultural philosophy and pedagogy. The program has a particular focus on developing clinicians with a strong understanding of individuals within their gendered and socio-cultural contexts. Graduates of the program are expected to be conversant with and competent in the diversity-sensitive applications of individual, systemic/family and integrative theories. Program graduates enter the marketplace with a degree that is exceptionally flexible, allowing them to pursue state-level credentials towards independent practice as Psychological Associates (PA) or Licensed Professional Counselors.

Statement on Disclosure of Personal Information

Students should be aware that, as is typical of graduate training in counseling psychology, part of their professional development will entail personal growth in addition to academic learning. As is customary for the purposes of informed consent, students are made aware that they will be expected to share appropriate personal material in classes, individual supervision, and practicum. Examples include providing psychological assessment data, participating in process-oriented groups, and/or creating family genograms. Some disclosure may occur in class, some in individual and group supervision and some in written assignments.

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