Houston Center Faculty

Picture of Peggy Gleeson

Gleeson, Peggy, PT, PhD
Associate Director
Director of Clinical Education
School of Physical Therapy, Houston Center

Education:  B.S., St. Louis University, Physical Therapy; M.S., Texas Woman's University, Physical Therapy; Ph.D., Texas Woman's University, Physical Therapy
Primary teaching area:  Clinical education
Areas of research/expertise: Issues related to generational differences in the clinic and the classroom, curriculum development and assessment, documentation, reimbursement and Medicare and all areas related to clinical education including communication, feedback, conflict resolution, negotiation and professionalism; general geriatrics
Additional information: Peggy Gleeson's Curriculum vitae

photo of Christina Bickley

Bickley, Christina, PT, PhD, BOCO, C/NDT
Assistant Professor
School of Physical Therapy, Houston Center

Education: B.A., State University of New York, Psychology; B.S., State University of New York, Health Science Center at Brooklyn, Physical Therapy; M.H.S., University of Indianapolis, Physical Therapy; Ph.D., Texas Woman's University, Physical Therapy
Primary teaching area: Gross Anatomy; Professional Practice; Pediatrics; and Gait, Orthotics & Prosthetics
Areas of research/expertise: Motion analysis, balance, orthotics, pediatrics
Additional information: Christina Bickley's Curriculum vitae

Jennifer Bogardus

Bogardus, Jennifer, PT, MPT, PhD
Assistant Clinical Professor
School of Physical Therapy, Houston Center

Education: B.S., Quinnipiac University, Health Science/Physical Therapy; M.S., Quinnipiac University, Physical Therapy; Ph.D. candidate, Nova Southeastern University of Florida, Physical Therapy
Primary teaching area:  Orthopedic based course instruction
Areas of research/expertise: Student behavior, student confidence and success, clinical education; mental health of graduate students/outcome
Additional information: Jennifer Bogardus Curriculum vitae

photo of Wayne Brewer

Brewer, Wayne, PT, PhD, MPH, OCS, CSCS 
Associate Professor
Professional Program
School of Physical Therapy, Houston Center 

Education: B.S., University of Pittsburgh, Physical Therapy (Cum Laude); M.P.H., University of Pittsburgh, Public Health; Ph.D. Texas Woman's University, Physical Therapy
Primary teaching area: Cardiopulmonary, Health Promotion and Wellness, and Exercise Testing / Prescription
Areas of research/expertise: Effect of behavioral education on physical activity levels for individuals with chronic low back pain and obesity, physical activity, measurement, promotion
Additional information: Wayne Brewer's Curriculum vitae 

photo of Carolyn Da Silva

Da Silva, Carolyn, PT, DSc, NCS
Professional Program (Entry-Level DPT) Coordinator
School of Physical Therapy, Houston Center

Education: B.A., Rice University, Biology and Psychology; M.S., Texas Woman's University, Physical Therapy; D.Sc., University of Alabama, Physical Therapy 
Primary teaching area: Neurological rehabilitation sequence in the entry-level/professional and post-professional programs
Areas of research/expertise: Post-polio syndrome, aging with disability
Additional information: Carolyn Da Silva's Curriculum vitae

Photo of Jennifer Ellison

Ellison, Jennifer, PT, PhD
Assistant Professor
School of Physical Therapy, Houston Center

Education: B.A./B.S., University of Oklahoma, Physical Therapy; M.H.S., Washington University, Physical Therapy; Ph.D., Texas Woman's University, Kinesiology and Biomechanics  
Primary teaching area: Therapeutic Exercise, Medical Kinesiology and Clinical Integration
Areas of research/expertise: Student outcomes, gait in orthopedic and neurological patients, exercise interventions, movement system impairments
Additional information: Jennifer Ellison's Curriculum vitae  

Photo of Katy Mitchell

Mitchell, Katy, PT, PhD
Post-Professional Program Coordinator
School of Physical Therapy, Houston Center

Education: B.S. University of California, Davis, CA, Biological Sciences; M.S., Pacific University, Physical Therapy; Ph.D. Texas Woman's University, Texas, Physical Therapy  
Primary teaching area: Entry-level program: Clinical Management in Internal Medicine, Integumentary Physical Therapy and Research in Physical Therapy; Ph.D.-level program: Statistical Methods II for Health Care Professionals, Applied Statistical Methods for Health Care Professionals, and Computer Applications in Physical Therapy Research
Areas of research/expertise: Outcome measure psychometrics particularly when assessing populations with variable performance parameters
Additional information: Katy Mitchell's Curriculum vitae

Photo of Rupal Patel

Patel, Rupal M., PT, PhD
Associate Professor
Coordinator of Marketing for the School
School of Physical Therapy, Houston Center

Education:  B.S., Texas Woman's University; M.S., Texas Woman's University; Ph.D. Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, Health Promotion and Wellness
Primary teaching area: DPT curriculum: Practice Management Issues I and II, Psychosocial Aspects of Rehabilitation, and Professional Development for the PT; Neuromuscular PT I and II on clinical content related to concussion, balance, vestibular rehabilitation and clinical integration; Health Promotion & Wellness I and II.
Areas of research/expertise: Health promotion, lifestyle modification, diabetes risk factor reduction, use of PRECEDE-PROCEED model for health promotion
Additional information: Rupal Patel's Curriculum vitae  

Photo of Toni Roddey

Roddey, Toni, P.T, PhD, OCS, FAAOMPT
Coordinator of Research
School of Physical Therapy, Houston Center

Education: B.S., University of Texas Medical Branch; M.S., Texas Woman's University; Ph.D., Texas
Woman's University  
Primary teaching area: Lower and Upper Quarter Evaluation and Treatment courses, imaging course, psychometric properties courses 
Areas of research/expertise: Neck and lower back pain - clinical outcomes, residency-trained PT outcomes
Additional information: Toni Roddey's Curriculum vitae

Photo of Lauren Szot

Szot, Lauren, PT, DPT, NCS
Associate Clinical Professor
School of Physical Therapy, Houston Center

Education: B.S., Louisiana State University; M.S., D.P.T., Louisiana State University Health Science Center;  
Primary teaching area: Prostheses, Orthoses, and Advanced Gait course, Practice Management IV, and assist in teaching portions of the neurologic rehabilitation content
Areas of research/expertise: Stroke and gait outcomes, walking actively post-stroke, outcome measures in neurologic physical therapy practice
Additional information: Lauren Szot's Curriculum vitae

Photo of Shih-Chiao Tseng

Tseng, Shih-Chiao, PT, PhD
Associate Professor
School of Physical Therapy, Houston Center

Education: B.S., National Cheng Kung University; M.S., National Taiwan University; Ph.D., University of Maryland, Baltimore.
Primary teaching area:   
Areas of research/expertise: Motor control and motor adaptation of human locomotion, acute and chronic neuromuscular plasticity associated with skill acquisition, and effects of aging on sensorimotor integration for postural control and gait
Additional information: Shih-Chiao Tseng's Curriculum vitae

Alison Vargo

Vargo, Alison, PT, ScD, OCS, FAAOMPT
Assistant Clinical Professor
School of Physical Therapy, Houston Center

Education: B.B.A., Texas A&M University; D.P.T., Texas Woman’s University; ScD, Texas Tech University
Primary Teaching Area: Basic PT Skills, Examination, Evaluation, and Outcomes, and assist in Health Promotions and Wellness and Gross Anatomy
Areas of research/expertise: Learning with psychomotor skills, clinical reasoning, and confidence in orthopedic manual physical therapy; Neck and upper quarter orthopedic evaluation and treatment approaches
Additional Information: Alison Vargo’s Curriculum Vitae (to come)

Professional Staff - Houston

image of Jennifer Boudreaux

Boudreaux, Jennifer, PT, DPT
Supplemental Learning Lab (SLL)
School of Physical Therapy, Houston Center

Education: B.S. Kinesiology, Louisiana State University; Doctorate of Physical Therapy, University of Texas Medical Branch
Primary teaching area: Supplemental learning lab
Additional information: Curriculum vitae_JBoudreaux

Image of Rebecca Greenwood

Greenwood, Rebecca, PT, DPT, PhD (c), OCS, ATC
Supplemental Learning Lab (SLL)
School of Physical Therapy, Houston Center

Education: B.S. San Diego State University, Kinesiology/Athletic Training; D.P.T, Baylor University, Physical Therapy; Ph.D. candidate, Texas Woman’s University, Physical Therapy
Primary Teaching Areas: Primary care in Physical Therapy, Supplemental learning lab
Areas of research/expertise: Alter G unweighting, knee osteoarthritis, running, chronic pain
Additional information: Curriculum vitae RGreenwood

Administrative Staff - Houston

photo unavailable

Daugherty, Mary Beth 
Coordinator of Allied Health Applications
School of Physical Therapy
Denton, Texas

photo of Cris Castenada

Castaneda, Cris 
Administrative Assistant
School of Physical Therapy, Houston Center


photo not available

Grymes, Maggie
Department Secretary
School of Physical Therapy, Houston Center

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