Healthy Eating Walnut Spread Study

Research Participants Needed

pieces of walnuts

Do you want to learn healthy eating habits?

You are invited to participate in a 4-month research study to look at the beneficial effects of a walnut-based spread in weight management. 

Eligible Participants 

  • Teenagers, ages 13-17, with weight concerns
  • Willing to consume a walnut-based spread for 4 months


  • Nutrition education
  • Assessment of whole body composition and visceral fat determination
  • Assessment of endothelial function and health
five walnut pieces next to circular container of walnut spread

Additional Information

There will be diet questionnaires, blood draws, body composition assessments and a total of 4 in-person visits. 

Total time investment: Approximately 5 hours

Receive $400 for participating

Upon completion, you will receive a compensation of $400 for your time. Payment of $200 will given at the midpoint (after 60-day visit) and at the end of study visit

How to Participate

Please fill out this  Google Form

Contact Information

Shanil Juma, PhD
Department of Nutrition & Food Sciences

Study Participation is Voluntary 

Note: There is a potential risk of loss of confidentiality in all email, downloading and Internet transactions.

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