Nursing Honors Program

Nursing Honors Program

Texas Woman’s University’s Nursing Honors Program operates as a component within the university’s four-year Honors Scholars Program (HSP).  This holistic program provides highly motivated students an opportunity to take their education to a higher level through honors coursework, providing community service, leadership opportunities and cultural experiences across their education. 

Info to Know

TWU’s Nursing Honors Program is a leader in nursing honors education. In collaboration with NYU and Samford University, TWU is a founding member of the International Nursing Consortium of Honors Educators and Scholars (INCHES). This network of nursing honors students, leaders, and programs provides opportunities for networking and collaboration.


Meet the Students

Mission Statement

TWU’s Nursing Honors Program provides students with purposeful high-engagement experiences grounded in the tenets of research, scholarship, leadership, and service. The program is transformative in nature and empowers students to foster their value, worth, and potential contribution to the profession through immersion in service, research, and scholarly activities.

Activities, expectations, and requirements for graduating with an Honors Diploma are strategically designed to establish a foundation for life-long personal and professional growth, learning, preparation for advanced practice roles and doctoral education, and leadership to propel the profession forward. 

Guiding Principles

  • All TWU nursing honors students thrive in strategic high-engagement activities that promote a lifelong spirit of inquiry, purpose, and personal and professional growth.
  • Engagement with faculty and professional role models who inspire students to recognize their intrinsic value and potential as valuable contributors to the nursing profession is a vital component of honors education.
  • Early exposure and engagement in the research process through strategic, purposeful, tangible, and achievable projects, with a knowledgeable and passionate mentor, is an important step in establishing a foundation for nursing scholarship, leadership, and advanced practice to propel the profession and health care industry.
  • Investment in helping students recognize, develop, and foster their gifts, talents, resources, and interests empowers them to recognize their potential as nurses, scholars, professionals, collaborators, and leaders.
  • High-impact mentoring relationships promote excellence in professional practice, with relevant application of the fundamental values and beliefs reflective of the profession, including integrity, innovation, authentic leadership, altruism, caring, integrity, advocacy, empowerment, ethics, and social justice.



Jennifer Wilson, DNP, RN, CPN
Nursing Honors Program Coordinator 


Barb Baudler, MSN, RN
Associate Coordinator, Nursing Honors Program - Houston Campus