WASP Class 44-W-3

Dates: October 4, 1943-April 15, 1944

Number of Trainees: 96 trainees, 57 graduates

Place: Gymnasium, Avenger Field, Sweetwater, Texas

A review of trainees on the flight line followed the indoor ceremony

Graduation Speaker: Brigadier General Luther S. Smith, Acting Chief of STaff, AAF Central Flying Training Command

Master of Ceremonies: Lieutenant Patrick B. McAnany, Intelligence Officer, 318th AAFFTD Avenger Field, Sweetwater, Texas

Distinguished Guest: Colonel H. H. Door, Commanding Officer, 31st Flying Training Wing, Enid, Oklahoma

Band: Big Springs Bombardier School Band

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Allen, Ruth R. 
Anderson, Ruth M. Baldwin 
Barnette, Ruth A. 
Bush, Shirley Ann 
Casey, Edith F. 
Chell, Thelma M. 
Cochlin, Mary Ida 
Coleman, Laurin A. 
Conley, Elizabeth C. 
Cooper Elizabeth T. 
Dreihs, Virginia B. 
Egeberg, Ruth E. 
Farrar, June Ordoff 
Foster, Geneva M. 
Gajda, Stanislawa 
Garrage, Jane
Kenney, Shirley Ruth 
Kreitzer, Maxine 
Lafitte, Dorothy B. 
Lauwers, Rita A. 
MacHale, Una R. 
Mason, Pauline C.
McKnight, Theda R. 
McMillan, Verna M. 
McNeil, Mary M. 
Meuer, Ann 
Moss, Nickey F. 
Myers, Marlyn V. 
Presseisen, Millie I. 
Quint, Elenore F. 
Randolph, Maxine R. 
Rashaw, Lillian R.
Robins, Dorothy J.
Santoro, Ellen R. 
Shepard, Jewell W. 
Stamey, Mary F. 
Tashjian, Mabel 
Thompson, Phyllis E. 
Wedel, Elizabeth M.