WASP Class 44-W-1

Dates: August 9, 1943-February 11, 1944

Number of Trainees: 99 trainees, 49 graduates

Place: Avenger Field, Sweetwater, Texas

Graduates were resplendent in the official Santiago Blue Uniform making its first appearance. Trainees continued to wear the traditional ‘general’s pants’, white shirts and flight caps. This graduation also inaugurated the class songs which were to be a highlight of all future graduations.

Graduation Speaker: Brigadier General Kenneth P. McNaughton, Assistant Chief of Staff, AAF Training Command

Master of Ceremonies: Lieutenant William H. LaRue, Physical Training Officer, 318th AAFFTD, Avenger Field, Sweetwater, Texas

Distinguished Guests: 

  • Brigadier General J. C. Bartholf, Commanding General of Special Troops, Camp Swift, Texas (General Bartholf's daughter was a member of the graduating class.)
  • Mrs. Ethel Sheehy, Special Field Assistant to Director of Women Pilots

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Adamson, Irene 
Anderson, Edna B. 
Bell, Virginia Grace 
Belz, Velma M. 
Bratko, Lelia Marie 
Bronson, Myrtle T. 
Burton, Jean Elizabeth 
Carmody, Patricia
Chamberlain, Leila Pearl Bragg 
Cisternino, Frances L. Johnson 
Cox, Inelda May
Crowell, Frances Kenney 
DeKing, Jean 
Dickens, Deborah P. Stempel 
Doudiet, Ellenore W. 
Easton, Jane Henderson
Eaton, Eileen B. 
Ellingsen, Florence G. 
Fertig, Marcia Gleicher 
Fuller, JoAnne 
Gerhardt, Margaret 
Hahn, Sidney B. 
Hedgecoke, Ivy L. 
Hoffman, Kay E. 
Howell, Mary B. 
Hudgins, Virginia R. 
Kalla, Lucy 
Kasal, Eleanor J. 
Kostuk, Nadja Gajdowski 
Kraft, Virginia Steven 
Loughan, Kay Barbara 
Mayes, Fay McWhorter
McCaleb, Laura Marie
McGilvray, Kathryn M.
Meadows, Winifred Simpson 
Meyerpeter, Ruth C. 
Miller, Geneieve L. Yetter 
Mustain, Wanda Cullen 
Rogers, Mary E. 
Rosholt, Mary 
Shanemeyer, Lois E. 
Sidwell, Jean G. 
Todd, Elisabeth Joost 
Turner, Doris E. 
Wall, Mary A.
White, Mary J.
Whitman, Marjorie L. 
Wilbur, Gail R. 
Wiley, Phyllis A. 
Willging, Katherine A. 
Young, Pat Pollock