WASP Class 43-W-8

Dates: July 5, 1943-December 17, 1943

Number of Trainees: 98 trainees, 48 graduates

Place: Gymnasium, Avenger Field, Sweetwater, Texas

Prior graduations had been held on the Flight Line with a reviewing stand for the dignitaries. The Graduating Class was seated on the ramp and the trainees stood in formation during the ceremony. Since completion of the new gynmasium coincided with the arrival of winter, Class 43- W- 8 had the first indoor graduation ceremony this was also the first ceremony to be held in the evening, thus making it necessary to dispense with the review of trainees.

Graduation Speaker: Colonel Norman B. Olson, Commanding Officer, South Plains Army Air Field, Lubbock, Texas

Master of Ceremonies: Lieutenant Patrick B. McAnany, Intelligence Officer, 318th AAFFTD Avenger Field, Sweetwater, Texas

Wings: The official WASP wings were awarded for the first time

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Adams, Lucile N. 
Ailstock, Lucie H. 
Baughman, Betty 
Blair, Madylon Heard 
Brown, Annabel R. Shaum 
Calick, Ruth A. 
Creticos, Mary 
Crowley, Rose G. 
Davis, Doris A. Mays 
Deos, Doyne E. Brown 
Dick, Helen R. 
Dumas, Ces Rose
Durrah, Helen B. 
Finger, Constance P.
Gatheman, Joan
Hastings, Gladys N. B.
>Horn, Jerry Williamson 
Kolero, Katherine J. 
Langdon, Joicey Faye Wood 
Lawrence, Kathryn Barbara 
Long, Olga V. 
Lyons, Virginia M. Grugan 
McCormick, Helene Huff 
McHugh, Louise 
Samsel, Dorothy T. 
Sayles, Amie H. Thyng
Scholey, Helen May
Seamans, Vera M.
Smythe, Pansy
Stark, Bette Pratt
Stortz, Irene Elizabeth Kuhn   
Stout, Virginia S.
Tally, Mary D. 
Torge, Helen May 
Updike, Alice Chilcoat 
Walls, Eleanor M. Olsen Weems 
Werner, Maxine M. 
Wilkins, Sylvia
Winfrey, Onita Lee