WASP Class 43-W-2

Dates: November 13, 1942-May 28, 1943

Number of Trainees: 51 trainees, 43 graduates

Place: Avenger Field, Sweetwater, Texas

This class completed training at the Houston Municipal Airport, Houston, Texas. They then flew to Sweetwater, Texas, in AT-6s and AT-17s which were being transferred from Houston. The exodus of this class marked the deactivation of the 318 th AAFFTD.

Graduation Speaker: Colonel J. H. Hills, Adjutant General and Executive Officer, AAF Flying Training Command, Fort Worth, Texas

Distinguished Guests: 

  • Jacqueline Cochran, Director of Women's Flying Training Command
  • Major Francis Heasy, Public Relations Officer, AAFFTC
  • Captain H. G. Gibbons, Commanding Officer, 318th AAFFTD, Municipal Airport, Houston, Texas
  • Major L. J. Jurdan, AAFFTC

Band: Big Springs Bombardier School Band


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