Travel Awards

Travel Program

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) Graduate Student Travel  Program enables graduate students to travel to present or attend professional conferences and meetings that have been peer-reviewed, juried, or selected by the major associations or societies in their fields.

This travel program is a reimbursement fund. A maximum of $500 per individual may be awarded.


Student applicants must be graduate students currently enrolled at TWU at the time the application is made and the presentation travel must be completed within one academic year of acceptance. A student may receive only one travel award per fiscal year (September through August) from this program. The award may be used to support one student. The request to the Graduate Student Travel Program must be supported by the student’s faculty mentor and department chair.

Application and Submission Instructions

Complete the application form. Make sure all items are as detailed and accurate as possible. Make sure to read the form carefully and fill out all portions according to the directions. The completed application form must be signed by the student, faculty mentor, and department chair (or equivalent). The application and photo release form must be emailed as .pdf documents to Graduate Student Council. Any application that is handwritten, not signed, does not meet the deadline, or does not follow the instructions may not be accepted.

Travel Award Winners

Travel Award Winner Fall 2019

Esther Ajayi-Lowo, Ph.D. Student, Multicultural Women & Gender Studies, Travel Award Winner Fall 2019

Travel Award Winner

Yousef Alshehre, Ph.D. Student, Physical Therapy, Travel Award Winner Summer 2019

Travel Award Winner

Elizabeth Dianne Connery, MS Student, Library & Information Studies, Travel Award Winner Fall 2019

Travel Award Winner

Avione McGhee, MA/MS Student, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Travel Award Winner Summer 2019

Travel Award Winner

Mila Thigpen, Ph.D. Student, Dance, Travel Award Winner Summer 2019

Travel Award Winner

Robin Watts, Ph.D., Human Development, Family Studies, and Counseling, Travel Award Winner Spring 2020

Travel Award Winner

Andrea Wierzchowski, Ph.D., School Psychology, Travel Award Winner Spring 2020

Travel Award Winners Summer 2019

  • Akshaya Arva, Biology
  • Parker Ackerman, Nutrition & Food Science
  • Rachel Adams, Nutrition & Food Science
  • Yousef M. Alshehre, Physical Therapy
  • Brittany Boone, Psychology
  • Marcella Clinard, Multicultural Women & Gender Studies
  • Justin Cook, ESFL
  • Brittani Cookinham, Physical Therapy
  • Karina Donald, Family Sciences
  • Kamali Hill, Dance
  • Rebecca Hornung, Biology
  • Mohammed Farhan Lakdawala, Biology
  • Evelyn Osamba, Business
  • Sushila Pathak, Biology
  • Treisha Petereson, Family Sciences
  • Soheil Sabriseilabi, Sociology
  • Mila Thigpen, Dance

Travel Award Winners Fall 2019

  • Esther Ajayi-Lowo, Multicultural Women & Gender Studies
  • Calisha Chatter-Fitzhugh, Teacher Education
  • Elizabeth Dianne Connery, School of Library and Information Science
  • Catalina De La Pena, Occupational Therapy
  • Chen Du, Nutrition & Food Science
  • Sukhbir Kaur Lulla, Biology
  • Amy McMahan, Psychology
  • Kavitha Shankaranarayanan, Nutrition & Food Science
  • Sasa Elizabeth Vann, Psychology
  • Carla Wilson, Multicultural Women & Gender Studies

Travel Award Winners Spring 2020

  • Andrea Wierzchowski, Psychology
  • Madison Hurley, Psychology
  • Megha Pulianda, Psychology
  • Alyssa Serafin, Occupational Therapy
  • Robin Watts, Human Development, Family Studies, & Counseling
  • Sabra Johnson, Human Development, Family Studies, & Counseling
  • Qin Yang, Kinesiology
  • Talia Gritzmacher, Music & Theatre
  • James Fraley, ESFL
  • Alexis Grant-Panting, Sociology

Travel Award Winners Spring 2021

  • Melinda Buckwater, Dance 
  • Sharmeen Jarullah, Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies 
  • Emily Rich, Occupational Therapy 
  • Rituparna Sinha Roy, Biology
  • Rikki Willingham, Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies 
  • Qin Yang, Kinesiology

Travel Award Winners Fall 2021

  • Angela Dantzler, School of Library & Information Science

  • Della Matthew, Nursing 

Travel Award Winners Spring 2022

  • Katherine Franklin, Physical Therapy

  • Victor Lozado, Literacy & Learning

  • Vyoma Parikh, Physical Therapy

  • Natalie Tate, School of Library & Information

  • Richard Ward, Physical Therapy

  • Fabiha Yousuf, Psychology & Philosophy

Travel Award Winners Spring 2023

  • Randi Adams, Physical Therapy
  • Emma Bourgeois, Physical Therapy
  • Matthew Chang, Physical Therapy
  • Liliana Driver, Chemistry & BioChemistry
  • Jennifer Dugger, Nursing
  • Christopher Goffredo, Occupational Therapy
  • Noe Leal, Jr, Sociology
  • Darshani Ram, Occupational Therapy
  • Gabriella Sanchez, Multicultural Women’s & Gender Studies
  • Sofia Scharunovych, Physical Therapy
  • Lia Schuermann, Language, Gender, & Cultural Studies
  • Tamara Starling, Psychology
  • Jennifer Whittaker, Occupational Therapy

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