Global Connections

Living in an interconnected global society requires an appreciation of the complexity and interdependency of world events and issues. The Global Connections Initiative at Texas Woman’s University strives to create a campus climate of global awareness and understanding by providing a variety of multicultural experiences and connections for TWU students, faculty, staff, and community. Through educational opportunities such as studying abroad, lectures and forums on public affairs along with cultural activities and events, our goal is to prepare all TWU students to be informed global citizens.

2017-2018 Theme

Activism and Political Resistance

Upcoming Events

Women in Politics: A Talk with State Representative Victoria Neave

Monday, March 5, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m., ACT 301

Join us as state Representative Victoria Neave discusses her personal story and the need for more women in politics. A Q&A will follow the talk. Learn more >>

Inheriting Trauma: Argentine Activists Interpret the Hidden Consequences of State Sponsored Genocide

Monday, March 19, 2:30-4:00 p.m., ACT 301

The call for truth and justice for the estimated 30,000 victims of state terror in Argentina has undergone many socio-cultural and generational changes. Starting from 2003, some children of these victims, the children of the disappeared, have looked to art to express the hidden consequences of the trauma associated with their parents’ disappearance. This talk and reading discussion highlights some of these artists/activists and examines how the definition of truth and justice has changed. Learn more >>

Telling Your Story: A Workshop with Jenifer Sarver

Monday, April 9, from 3-5:00 p.m., ACT 301

Whether speaking to the media, legislators, or members of the general public it is critical to understand audience needs and perceptions, and then clearly define and articulate your story for them. In this session, participants will learn the importance of clearly articulating one’s own personal story, and building a personal brand. They will also begin to craft their own story and think through how they can most effectively communicate it. Learn more >>

Current world news

From bombings, unemployment and immigration in Europe to revolutions in the Middle East and Africa, find out how these instances are all related and resemble similar situations in the United States. 

How and why does global news affect the US? Check our Facebook page for news articles with updates on the internal conflicts in the Middle East and Africa, the bombings in Norway, economic struggles in Greece, Italy, and Spain, and US involvement in these global events.

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