Farewell to Cindy Pollard

Dear Texas Woman’s Colleagues,

I hope this message finds you well on another toasty Friday in July.

I am writing to let you know that Cindy Pollard, who has served as our tenacious and visionary chief marketing and communications officer for the past six years, has decided to leave Texas Woman’s University. Her last day will be July 23.

At her interview and many times thereafter, Cindy and I had conversations about how we shape so much of a message by the nonverbal cues surrounding the words we use. Many of the accomplishments she and her stellar team have achieved reflect this idea and include:

  • Bolstering of a brand positioning program, including the introduction of a new visual identity, athletics mascot, and university plaid—and unburying our distinctive identity from the acronym TWU to the now more commonly used Texas Woman’s;
  • Redesigning our website (our global, always-on communication channel) and the significant upgrade of its content, including photography and videography, with consistent brand messaging;
  • Elevating the university’s visibility across the state and beyond, with a focus on storytelling about outstanding alumni, faculty, staff, and students via a strategic, proactive media outreach and social media;
  • Seeing gains in student recruitment and brand awareness through the introduction of digital marketing, as well as faculty, staff, and administrative recruitment needs via the introduction of branded materials;
  • Producing two publications, “Fluid: Leading through a Pandemic” and “Connecting the Dots” and my monthly “Boldly Go” newsletter that now reaches more than 55,000 constituents;
  • Expanding and improving internal communications across three campuses, including “Inside TWU;” and most recently,
  • Providing the marketing and communications support for commencement initiatives at the Texas Motor Speedway, which recently won a CASE gold award.

My list is far from exhaustive, but it certainly leaves me awestruck with how far we have come in Cindy’s seemingly short time with the university.

We will begin a national search for a new leader soon. For now, Deanna Titzler has agreed to serve as interim working in close partnership with Matt Flores, who serves as assistant vice president for university communications. Like Cindy, Deanna has a corporate communications background and has led teams at companies like Lockheed Martin. These days, though, her heart is in higher education. She has worked closely with Cindy for much of her tenure, and I have every confidence that she can faithfully carry forward the mantle.

Cindy is a change agent, her can-do spirit is a force to be reckoned with, and in her next steps as a consultant, she will accomplish more great feats. I know you will join me in thanking Cindy for her outstanding contributions and moving the university to a stronger position through her marketing and communication leadership.

With a pioneering spirit,

Carine M. Feyten, Ph.D.
Chancellor and President

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