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Texas Rural Woman Grant application

Texas Rural Woman Grant checklist

What is a rural county?

Please refer to the eligible counties page and the "view all eligible counties" link. These descriptions come from the 2023 Census Bureau for counties with populations under 50,000 people.

Can a non-profit apply?

No, the grant is only for a for-profit business. Per legislation—a business concern must be a small business as defined in Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 13 part 121 for its primary industry classification. 13CFR 127.200(a). 13CFR 121.105(a)(1) provides that a business concern must be organized for profit to meet the definition of a small business. A 501(c)3 is not organized for profit and as such does not qualify as a small business.

Do I have to be affiliated with TWU to apply?

No, the grant is open to any woman-owned business in the state of Texas. TWU faculty/staff (or immediate household members) and students, trustees and advisory committee members are not eligible to apply.

Can previous TWU CWE grant winners apply?

No, previous winners cannot apply. If you have been selected in any of our programs (AccelerateHER, TechFW, NTEETC etc) within the last year you will also be ineligible.

I’ve never filled out a grant application before. Should I get a grant writer?

No, we want to hear about your business in your words. Our template should make it easy for you to answer the questions.

What can be used to verify my business is woman-owned?

We must see documentation that the business is at least 51% or more woman-owned. Your business entity papers will include owners or managers — that must be part of your required documentation. If there is a man on any of these you must show the percentage of the business each person owns.

Without showing ownership, the application will be disqualified.

Acceptable Documentation:

  • Any woman-owned certification
  • Sole proprietor/assumed name filings
  • LLC or LLP documentation showing all member names (on original filing)
  • Certification of organization, articles of incorporation, partnership agreement showing all members and percentage owned.

Ineligible Documentation:

  • Entity documentation with business name only
  • EIN
  • Sales & Use Tax Permit
  • IRS Tax Forms
  • Driver’s License
  • Credit Card
  • Passport
  • Social Security Card
  • Minority-owned business certification unless it specifically says woman-owned

Almost half of all applications are rejected because proof of ownership isn’t shown.

Can I apply for several different businesses I own?

No, only one application per person will be accepted.

What about sales tax?

Sales tax cannot be paid for with these grant funds.

Can wages, salaries or compensation be used with the grant funding?

No, the grant cannot be used for wages, salaries, contract labor or compensation of any type. You can use funds for a consultant that is not an employee.

Example: marketing consultant building out website and social media.

What can the funds be used for?

Examples of how our other grant winners have used funds include software, pos systems, marketing, and social media promotions, fixtures, a vehicle to pull a food trailer, office furniture, a lathe and computers.

What if I can’t attend the small business training class?

These are mandatory. The classes will be virtual and recorded. If you cannot participate in the class, please make arrangements with our office to access the recorded videos and you will need to provide takeaways from the video.

How can I check my business status with the state?

You can check the taxable entity search If your business shows forfeited, your business is not eligible for the grant. You can call the state to find out what you need to do to clear this.

What does Source and Use of funds mean?

Source is who is providing the funds and Use is what the funds are used for.


Use of Funds Source of Funds Amount
Computer Owner Investment      2,700
Advertising Campaign     Owner Investment 3,200
Trailer Grant Funds 5,000
Vehicle Bank Loan 23,000

Can I pay bills with the grant funding?

No, monthly bills cannot be paid with grant funding.

What kind of project contribution to the economy are you looking for?

Will your project add to the sales tax base, create jobs or have some other contribution to the community or state?

When are applications due?

July 5, 2024, before 5:00:00 p.m..

Should I call to make sure my application is received?

No, the online form automatically submits your application.

Where can I get additional questions answered?

All grant-related questions must be sent to

Texas Rural Woman Grant checklist

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