Mission and Goals

The primary purpose of the Center is to provide faculty and students with the appropriate level of support needed for their qualitative and quantitative research.  Additionally, this Center will assist faculty with their current research projects, and increase faculty and students’ knowledge about the research process and data analysis.  Through furthering the education and development of the faculty with respect to research skills, the University will increase the faculty’s abilities to mentor research projects and it will also model the parallel process of lifelong learning, which the University highly values among its students and graduates.  Finally, the Center will provide training opportunities for faculty, staff, and students in the science and art of qualitative and quantitative analysis.

The principal goals of the CRDA are

  • to provide research design and data analysis support (quantitative and qualitative) for TWU faculty and staff research, graduate students engaged in theses and dissertations, undergraduate students engaging in honors theses, and distance education students;
  • to facilitate faculty research by increasing and improving potential research opportunities and collaboration as well as sponsored research;
  • to train and educate affiliated TWU faculty, staff, and students in methods and analysis techniques for research;
  • to train graduate statistics students (GRAs) in the science and art of research and analysis consulting.

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