Master’s student adds scholarship to healthcare resume

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Jan. 22, 2024 – DENTON – He’s a master’s student in healthcare administration. He’s an experienced researcher. And he has a medical degree. Now, Vamsidhara Vemireddy, a Texas Woman’s graduate student on the Dallas campus, is the latest winner of the Foster G. McGaw Scholarship. 

The McGaw Scholarship is given annually to a student in the MHA or the dual MHA-MBA program in the TWU Healthcare Administration program

"The McGaw scholarship is about honoring the relationship between the community and the hospital systems that serve it" visiting assistant professor Sandra Tyson, PhD said. "In order to win this scholarship, Dr. Vemireddy wrote the best essay regarding his perspective on the relationship between communities and hospitals and how his work as a current/future administrator would contribute to a healthy relationship between the two entities."

“Receiving the McGaw Scholarship was an incredibly humbling and motivating experience for me,” Vemireddy said. “It's not just about the financial assistance. This prestigious award represents a significant investment in my future in healthcare administration. It acknowledges my past efforts and fuels my ambitions, providing me with invaluable resources and access to a network of professionals.”

Vemireddy is currently a clinical research program supervisor at the UT Southwestern Medical Center. He decided to continue his education at Texas Woman’s because he thought its MHA program would allow him to transition from direct patient care to broader healthcare system improvements, focusing on efficiency, technology integration and enhancing patient experiences. 

Vemireddy has a unique background in the medical field with experience in medicine, translational research and clinical research. He graduated from medical school in his native India, and after moving to the United States transitioned into translational research on glioblastoma at UT Southwestern. Glioblastoma is a fast-growing type of brain tumor. 

“My transition from medicine to research was driven by a combination of personal encounters with glioblastoma patients, a passion for translational research, intellectual curiosity and a deep commitment to contributing to significant advancements in the treatment of this devastating disease,” Vemireddy said. “My journey is a testament to the belief that medical research is a vital component in the continuum of healthcare and is integral to the development of new and better therapeutic strategies.”

In his current role, he oversees clinical trials in areas such as glioblastoma and Alzheimer's disease. His research has resulted in grants and 22 journal publications.

Vemireddy is scheduled to graduate in spring 2025. His plan is to drive innovation and positive change in healthcare delivery as a healthcare leader. 

“I am deeply grateful for this recognition and the doors it opens for making a real difference in the field.” 

The Foster G. McGaw Scholarship provides financial support to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students in health administration. Scholarship funds are awarded each year to all AUPHA full graduate, full undergraduate and associate doctoral programs. The faculty within these programs disperse funds at their discretion to students most deserving of recognition. More than 3,000 scholarships have been awarded since the program was established in 1975. The scholarship was endowed by Foster G. McGaw, founder of the American Hospital Supply Corporation. McGaw recognized the importance of health administration education and AUPHA’s contribution to the field.

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