Ken Boonme, PhD

Ken Boonme

Associate Professor, College of Business
Program Areas: Management/Management Information Systems

Professional Preparation

  • PhD, University of North Texas, Management Science
  • MBA, University of North Texas, Strategic Management
  • BBA, University of North Texas, Operation Management Science 


Kittipong (Ken) Boonme has more than 15 years of management experience in the food service and hospitality industry with expertise in single unit and multi-unit restaurant operations. His major research interests include consumer decision-making, service quality, and logistics and supply chain.

Representative Publications

Boonme, K., Hanus, B., R. Prybutok, V., A. Peak, D., & Ryan, C. (2014). Visual information influences consumer fast-food choices. Nutrition & Food Science44(4), 279-293.

Boonme, K., Han, B., & Prybutok, V. R. (2016). Group inference: A silent voice for the buyer’s decision-making. Journal of Decision Systems25(1), 1-15. 

Kappelman, L., Jones, M. C., Johnson, V., McLean, E. R., & Boonme, K. (2016). Skills for success at different stages of an IT professional's career. Communications of the ACM59(8), 64-70.

Perez, E. S., Medina, M. A. G., Lomeli, M. L. C., González, V. T., Pérez, J. Z. V., González, F. J. L., ... & Prasad, C. (2017). Association between serum uric acid and metabolic syndrome components in prepubertal obese children (Tanner Stage I) from Nuevo León, Mexico-a preliminary study. BMC obesity4(1), 25.

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