Denton Mayor Pro Tem Dalton Gregory's conference remarks

Thank you, Dr. Feyten—What great news this is today for Texas Woman’s University—and also for our City of Denton!

We are honored and absolutely thrilled to welcome the world-renowned Dr. Richard Woodcock to our dynamic and fast-growing city.

On behalf of the city I would like to say we’re also excited to gain back the Father of Texas School Psychology, Dr. Miller, who thought he had slipped out of here this spring into retirement in East Texas. Welcome back to Denton and North Texas, Dr. Miller!

With the combined genius and research innovation you two bring to our area, I’m confident your new Institute for the Advancement of Neurocognitive Research and Applied Practice will add further luster to Texas Woman’s University’s cachet and reputation, and at the same time raise Denton’s growing stature.

And given that this Institute will have a positive impact across all departments and TWU’s three campuses, this is also great news for Dallas, Houston and the rest of our great state.

And of course we’re pleased to learn of the economic impact we all can anticipate from researchers around the world who will be invited to attend the international symposia you’re hosting, receive competitive research grants and the like...

And also the top-flight students near and far who will now choose to come here to learn from, and pursue research with, Drs. Woodcock and Miller, and their colleagues across TWU’s three campuses and beyond…

I also hear good news in this announcement for area citizens, because this Institute plans to create a new interdisciplinary clinic to help children with special needs.

Right now Denton has two well-known and respected clinics that help these children--but they’re busy, and one has a long waiting list.

Pediatricians, assessment specialists and early childhood educators will be interested to know that TWU will have an alternative clinic for their patients to obtain support services.

“Now, I go off script. I’m a retired elementary school principal. Twenty- three years in Denton Public Schools as an elementary principal. When I was asked to cover for Mayor Watts, and I read the stuff, I said, ‘Woodcock…wait a minute…what…what…wait…Woodcock  Johnson…oh! We used his tests all the time. Now I get to meet the guy. I’m sitting right next to him! And, let me tell you. Why is somebody from the Denton council here? Cities greatly benefit when they have great research and higher educational institutions like TWU and that other school. My mother got her master’s from TWU. My wife got her training as a reading recovery specialist from TWU. The entire region, though, benefits from the talent and the resources that come with a major university, and Denton especially does. The Denton public schools, all the region schools, will benefit from the institute being located in this area. And, I know personally how much that will support our parents, our students and the teachers what are working with them. Now, back on script.”

Joining us here today to celebrate all this good news are a number of elected officials and leaders from our area independent school districts, including psychologists, educational diagnosticians and the like. So I’d like to ask them to join me in giving TWU, Dr. Woodcock and Dr. Miller a hearty round of applause!

And thank you, Chancellor Feyten, for inviting us to celebrate this big gift with you today.

Denton is proud to be the home of TWU and this new Institute!

Page last updated 8:24 AM, August 20, 2015