Best places to nap on campus

Getting enough sleep is vital to your academic success. Unfortunately, most college students are among the most sleep deprived. Various studies have shown that 70-96 percent of students get less than the recommended eight hours of sleep. 

In addition to feeling sluggish, not getting enough sleep also contributes to moodiness, inability to concentrate and poorer mental health outcomes, generally speaking. 

So what’s a Pioneer to do? Take a nap–on campus! 

While long naps can ruin your sleeping patterns, a 20-30 minute nap in the early afternoon (between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.) can renew your focus and refresh your day. 

But where you might ask? Well, we have that covered. We have scoured the campus looking for the best places to stretch out and catch some zzzz’s. So set your alarm on your phone, use your backpack for a pillow and check out our list for the best napping spots!

Blagg Huey Library 

While libraries are notoriously quiet spaces, TWU’s library has an entire floor dedicated to noiselessness. Go down the stairs (or take the elevator) to the ground floor, and you’ll find signs designating the whole area as a silent study…or sleep…zone. Not only does it offer students secluded study carrols, but also there’s a lounge area with fluffy pillows and a nap pod that is sequestered in its own room, away from the raucous silence.  

Student Union at Hubbard Hall

Although it might seem counterintuitive, SUHH includes a few spots that are just right for the sleep deprived. On the second floor, you’ll find comfy seating in the Quiet Lounge as well as a new egg chair that is perfect for napping. Additionally, you can find some nice bench seating near the Bridges Auditorium that has less foot traffic and lends itself to stretching out. 

Woodcock Hall

On the first floor of Woodcock Hall, located on the south side of campus, the student lounge in room 107 has two couches. While the space also includes computer stations, tables and vending machines, if you are on that side of campus, and hear a nap calling your name, it might just be the perfect spot. 

Little Chapel-in-the-Woods

If the doors are open and there are no weddings taking place, TWU’s Little Chapel on the north side of campus is always a quiet, meditative space. And if you happen to stretch out on the pews while you’re contemplating life’s mysteries, a few minutes of shut-eye there might be exactly what you need.

Great Outdoors

On a beautiful, warm day, you’ll find more than enough spots to take a nap among the sounds of nature. Whether you find a bench in the gardens or grab a chair or hammock by the pond, sleeping outside with the sun shining on your face can help you feel refreshed and reinvigorated. And as an added bonus, the fresh air helps your lungs and just 30 minutes of sunshine will ensure you have a full dose of Vitamin D…just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Bonus: More egg and massage chairs will be coming to campus in Spring 2023, so look for them around campus!

Student napping outdoors

Student napping on a bench outdoors

Nap chair in SUHH Quiet Lounge

Egg chair in SUHH Quiet Lounge

Silent study and nap area in Library

Silent study area in the Library

Nap pod in library

Nap pod in Library

Woodcock Hall lounge with couches

Student Lounge in Woodcock Hall

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