Field Education Admissions Process

The admissions process into field practicum takes place during the student’s senior year, in the semester immediately preceding the field work placement. Prior to admission to the practicum, the student is expected to:

  • have completed all social work and general coursework except for the practicum, the integrative seminar, and the senior seminar,
  • submit an Application to Field Practicum to the field director ;
  • provide evidence in the application that (a) the student has or is completing all prerequisite courses with a C or better; (b) the student has a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5;
  • be interviewed by a faculty committee on the date scheduled if requested.

The faculty will review the student’s qualifications and recommend that the student either be placed in the field or that student’s acceptance into the field be deferred.  The committee may further advise the director on the recommendation of field placement settings.  Deferment allows the student one semester to take remedial steps towards preparation for field, and to reapply to the field practicum when such preparation is complete. Under rare circumstances, the faculty may recommend that a student not be accepted into field and not be eligible for reapplication.

Once a student has been accepted into the field practicum, the student will be assigned to an agency for practicum. Students will contact the agency immediately and arrange an interview for the practicum position. The student should approach the practicum as a job seeker should approach a prospective employer; she/he should dress professionally for the interview and conduct themselves with professional comportment.

The field practicum is critical to the achievement of the educational objectives of the Social Work Program at TWU. More information about the field practicum is made available prior to the student entering field.


For more information, please contact: 

Ratonia C. Runnels, PhD
Associate Professor and Field Instruction Program Coordinator
Office: OMB 411D
Phone: 940-898-2078

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