Wouter van Erve, PhD

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Headshot of Dr. Wouter van Erve

Office: CFO 609
Phone: 940-898-2148
Email: wvanerve@twu.edu 
Website: http://wouter.vanerve.nl

Wouter van Erve joins us from UMass Amherst, where he studied American politics and public law. His focus is on the influence of political and legal institutions on citizens’ ability to participate and be represented in local-level politics. Wouter’s research is motivated by the counterintuitive observation that municipalities offering citizens more deliberative and participatory opportunities sometimes create a more homogenous and less representative political environment, despite any good intentions to the contrary. As a teacher, Wouter enjoys teaching a wide variety of political science and legal studies classes.

Wouter originally hails from the Netherlands, and earned law degrees from Tilburg University in the Netherlands as well as from the University of Minnesota, and worked for the Public Prosecution’s Office in the Netherlands. He also studied at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas for a semester as part of a study abroad program, and has been a subscriber to Texas Monthly ever since. In his spare time, Wouter enjoys riding his bike, playing tennis, and cooking up a storm.

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