Symposium Instructions for Platform Presentations

Platform presentations will be in-person on the TWU Denton Campus; specific room locations will be provided when session assignments are made. Presenters should arrive 15 minutes prior to the session to check in at the registration table. After registering, students should go to the assigned room, notify the moderator that they are present, and do an equipment check if needed. Each room is capable of displaying computer, document camera, auxiliary and video images through a projector onto a projection screen. 

The moderator will introduce the presenters and will visually queue the students to keep you on schedule. Up to six presentations are scheduled for each time slot, and each presentation should take between 10 and 12 minutes and with approximately 3-4 minutes allotted afterwards for questions. 

Presenters should remain in attendance for the entire session; if attendees must leave, they should do so between presentations. Make sure to retrieve any presentation materials used at the podium including jump drives.

Page last updated 4:22 PM, March 1, 2023