Research Support Committee

Membership on the Research Support Committee

The members of the Research Support Committee are appointed by the TWU Faculty Senate each May and are selected from among faculty members and professional librarians who complete the Committee Preference Form sent to Faculty and staff by the Chancellor’s office each March. The RSC has 15 members from as many academic components as possible and membership of the Committee is based on proportional representation of each college. Members are appointed to serve a term of two years; HOWEVER, in order to continue serving on the RSC, a faculty member must indicate on the Committee Preference Form each year if he/she wishes to serve on the Research support Committee. Members may serve a total of four consecutive years (two 2-year terms). No one holding an administrative position is eligible to serve on the RSC.

Function of the Research Support Committee

The committee reviews proposals submitted to the Research Enhancement Program for new and continuing faculty competitions and makes recommendations to the Provost for funding. The Committee is also responsible for developing the form used to critique the submitted proposals and develops guidelines related to who is eligible to submit proposals for internal funding to the RSC.

Membership: 2018-2019

Dr. Mindy Patterson, Nutrition and Food Sciences – Houston (chair)
Dr. Aaron Norton, Family Sciences (co-chair)

Dr. Michael Bergel, Biology
Dr. O. Jayne Bowman, Occupational Therapy  Houston
Ms. Stephany Compton, TWU Libraries
Dr. Anthony Duplanty, Kinesiology
Mr. Kenneth “Woody” Evans, TWU Libraries
Dr. Wyona Freysteinson, Nursing – Houston
Dr. Colleen Halverson, Nursing  Dallas
Dr. Shann Hwa Hwang, Family Sciences
Dr. Dundee Lackey, English, Speech, and Foreign Languages
Dr. Mikyoung Lee, Nursing – Denton
Dr. Noah Lelek, School of the Arts – Drama
Dr. Junko “June” Levitt, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Dr. Suh Jen Lin, Physical Therapy – Dallas
Dr. Manal Omary, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Ms. Tanya Synar, Visual Arts – Sculpture

Dr. Donna Scott Tilley, ex officio

Information about the Research Enhancement Program

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