Global Research Collaboration Grant

Funds for the 2023-2024 Global Research Collaboration Grant have been allocated and applications are no longer being accepted for 2023-2024. The Global Research Collaboration Grant Form can be accessed for reference only.

This new internal grant program is designed to promote international/global research and collaboration. Projects can include conducting international/global research and creative expression with collaborators abroad; implementing projects and programs in international settings that have a product such as a publication, presentation, or performance; addressing global issues that result in an academic publication, presentation, or performance. Priority will be given to collaborative projects between Texas Woman’s University and other international academic entities, as well as to those international projects that will result in external research grant funding. The funds can be used for costs related to research project expenses; development of a publication, presentation, or performance; archival research; travel for research. Grants do not provide funding for permanent equipment, software, conference travel, office supplies, or faculty or staff salary. Participant remuneration can be considered under certain circumstances, to be discussed at budget stage. You will be a sent a received response within 1-2 business days of submission. 

Page last updated 10:55 AM, May 8, 2024