Cost Share

Per TWU Policy URP: 02.460, cost sharing or matching is a commitment made by TWU to fund a portion of the total cost of a sponsored project. This commitment may consist of University funds and/or funds from external sources. Committed cost sharing on a sponsored project is a legally binding obligation and is subject to audit requirements to the same degree as all University expenditures. Cost share expenditures must be allowable by University standards as well as sponsor and conform to the provisions of the OMB Uniform Guidance as applicable. Refer to TWU's Cost Share Procedures for specific information regarding definitions, commitment requirements, allowable cost share expenditures, subcontract and third party contributions, and documentation requirements.

Mandatory Cost Share means University resources committed to a funded project as a requirement of the funding agency.

Voluntary Cost Share means University resources committed to a funded project but not required by the funding agency. Voluntary committed cost share becomes mandatory upon receipt of an award.

Voluntary Uncommitted Cost Share means cost share that is neither mandatory nor voluntarily committed in the budget or proposal. Voluntary uncommitted cost share is not documented or reported to the funding agency.

Documentation of Cost Share means that once committed in an approved budget, cost shared expenditures other than external cost share contributions must be documented in University records.

Third-Party/External Cost Share means cost share from an entity other than TWU. External cost share must be approved by an authorized official of the contributing entity, pledged in writing, and certified in writing once the commitment has been met.

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