Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't pass the TSIA-2 again?

You can take the TSIA-2 as many times as you like. Taking this test won't impact your financial aid or admission status.

You can still pursue the MMA protocol or EdReady free course forms. The Corequisite Course Option is also always available to you.

What if I fail the EdReady course?

The EdReady course assessment will not impact your academic standing at TWU. It is hosted by a separate, third-party platform called NROC.

Do any of these alternatives cost money?

The TSIA-2 retake is the only alternative that may incur a cost, but vouchers are available for a limited time. If you decide to take the corequisite course, you will have to pay tuition on a 3 hour additional course paired with the English and/or Math course in which you are enrolled.

Should I talk to my advisor about alternative placement options?

Yes, you are encouraged to communicate with your advisor. If your advisor has questions, please have them contact us at

What do I need to know to complete the form?

The Form will ask you about your cumulative high school English GPA and your grades in specific high school Math courses to gauge eligibility for the MMA protocol first. There will also be questions to gauge your interest in the EdReady Free Course Option, which you can also decline.

Page last updated 12:03 PM, February 27, 2024