Oracle Cloud Implementation

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ERP Implementation Timeline

end user testing Aug-Sept; go-live Nov 1

*tentative timeline

About the ERP Implementation

Currently, Texas Woman’s University uses a variety of solutions to meet the needs of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) service. Most notably, these include Oracle e-Business and Ellucian Colleague. As the University looks to the future, we want to streamline services and solutions wherever possible while shrinking actual costs and costs of ownership. An ERP is a single solution to manage day-to-day activities and operations of our University, including budgeting and finance, human resources and hiring, student services, and much more. 

Why a new ERP?

Historically, our ERP systems have been monolithic suites that didn’t talk with other software or systems. Each system (e.g. Oracle e-Business or Ellucian Colleague) required costly, complicated, and customized code to meet unique business requirements which slowed—or even prevented—the adoption of new technologies or process optimization.

A new ERP will bring all these different processes to the table together in one flexible system. It offers data connectivity within the system and also our productivity tools, payments, and even new solutions like Salesforce/TargetX. This will help us do more with data, make more informed decisions through robust analytics, simplify our systems, and optimize our business processes.

In addition, a modern ERP solution offers improved security and privacy, sustainability, and low-code customization. Most importantly, a new ERP will offer a cohesive path toward a future of possibilities and innovation. 

How will this impact you?

It may be a small change in how you enter your time card or a big change in how you make a purchase. Dozens of business processes are likely to change as we implement the new ERP. However, each of these changes will be founded in best practices and built around the capabilities of the system, removing obstacles while keeping our University secure and uniquely Texas Woman’s. 

The University engaged in a search for a new ERP with this desired functionality: 

  • One ERP (single source of data)
  • Modern, intuitive, user-friendly experience
  • Automated processes and workflows
  • Operational efficiency
  • Ability to implement continuous innovation rapidly
  • End-user reporting tools
  • Dashboards and analytics
  • Mobile-responsive applications
  • Fully-integrated platform

The entire project team plans to provide frequent communication about the project to the Texas Woman’s community. This dedicated website will have more information about the implementation phase of the project, what the ERP change means for you, timelines, and more.

This will mean a significant change to a number of business processes, but the end result should make work easier for everyone. The project team will be reaching out to faculty and staff to solicit input as the team reviews and redefines these processes, and they look forward to your participation.

Project Leadership

The project leadership team is comprised of employees from many departments: 

--Executive Leadership--

Jason Tomlinson (Finance & Administration, Denton) and Cori Trevino (IT Solutions, Denton)

--Business Leadership--

Amy Hall (Human Resources, Denton), Melanie Ramirez (Controller’s Office, Denton), Rana Askins (Finance & Administration, Denton), Nancy Cinnater (Procurement Services, Denton), Nelson Lee (Finance & Administration, Denton), Subhendu Rath (IT Solutions, Denton)

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