TWU’s RN-BS program is designed for registered nurses with an associate’s degree or diploma, ready to earn their bachelor’s degrees and advance their nursing career.

As a registered nurse, your experiences in a health care setting have molded you into an exceptional care taker, and you’re ready to take the next step. The RN-BS program is 100% online — allowing you to continue to work full time. Courses that require clinical components are completed through class projects and capstone projects with a preceptor.

Program Requirements

The RN-BS program requirements vary depending on each student’s previous education. For a complete list of requirements visit the program catalog. RN-BS program requirements include:

  • Pathophysiology (4 hours)
  • Introduction to Baccalaureate Nursing (3 hours)
  • Introduction to Nursing Research (2 hours)
  • Nursing Assessment (4 hours)
  • RN with Families and Groups (4 hours)
  • Aging (2 hours)
  • Community Health Competencies (4 hours)
  • High Acuity Nursing (3 hours)
  • Nursing Leadership and Management Experience (4 hours)
  • Competencies in RN Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing (3 hours)

Students in the RN-BS program may have the opportunity to earn credit for some of the upper-division nursing courses by successfully passing challenge exams.  

Currently enrolled in an associates nursing degree program at an area community college and interested in concurrent admission to TWU? Visit our Concurrent Admissions site for more information. 

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Apply for Admission

Undergraduate Admission

When you apply to TWU, we will evaluate your academic achievement and preparation, as well as your standardized test scores. Admission to TWU is valid for four terms, unless you have attended another higher education institution. 

Check out the links below for specific admissions information:

Questions about the admissions process? Contact the Office of Admissions Processing.

Office of Admissions Processing
Texas Woman’s University
P.O. Box 425649
Denton, TX 76204-5649
940-898-3076 or 1-866-809-6130 ext. 3076

Admission for R.N. to B.S. and Post Bacc. R.N. to M.S.

Registered Nurses with a Diploma or Associate's Degree

The RN to BS Program is designed to facilitate educational mobility for those registered nurses who wish to earn the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in nursing. The curriculum offers courses that are 100% online on all campuses.

The College of Nursing offers a master’s degree to nurses who hold an associate degree or diploma and wish to earn a master of science degree with an emphasis in nursing. Admission is competitive. For further admission requirements refer to the Graduate Catalog.

Application to Upper-Division Nursing: Licensed RNs with a Diploma or Associate's Degree

To be eligible to be considered for progression into upper-division (3000-4000 level) nursing courses, students must have:

  1. completed the admissions process and been accepted by the University;
  2. a current unencumbered license as an RN in the United States;
  3. submitted an application for entry into the RN to BS Program, through NursingCAS, to the College of Nursing by the application deadline;
  4. successfully completed the lower-division prerequisite courses, plus 2 semester credit hours of electives (total 60 semester credit hours). Courses successfully completed do not have to be repeated. The multicultural women’s studies course may be completed before or after admission to upper division nursing. Registered nurses who have previously earned a bachelor’s degree in another field must complete only those prerequisite courses listed for non-nurses with a bachelor’s degree;
  5. a minimum grade of C in anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and microbiology including all labs;
  6. a minimum GPA of at least 2.0 on the required lower-division courses. If a course is taken more than once, the most recent grade received will be counted in calculating the GPA. Other courses which an applicant may have taken are not calculated in the GPA for admission;

Transfer from Another RN to BS Nursing Program

Students previously enrolled in another nursing program must meet the same prerequisite and admission requirements as other RN to BS applicants, and be accepted both by Texas Woman's University and the TWU College of Nursing. Additionally, the following requirements must be met.

  1. Nursing courses were completed within a nursing program that has national nursing accreditation.
  2. A grade of C or better was earned in all nursing courses (including pathophysiology).
  3. Nursing courses transferred in for credit must have been completed within the last five years.
  4. Eligibility to continue in or return to the previous nursing program must be verified by a letter of good standing from the dean of the previous program and sent to the Director of Nursing Admissions.
  5. Applicants must submit to the College of Nursing a course syllabus for each completed nursing course for evaluation. If the course(s) is/are determined to be equivalent to TWU nursing courses, credit may be granted.
  6. At least 30 of the last 60 hours have to be completed at TWU. (A minimum of 25% of the total hours required for the degree must be taken at TWU.)

Application Deadlines: RN to BS Program

Applications for the RN to BS Program should be received by the following yearly dates in order to assure timely consideration for admission:

  • February 1 for RNs who will be eligible to begin nursing courses in the Summer semester
  • April 1 for RNs who will be eligible to begin nursing courses in the Fall semester
  • August 1 for RNs who will be eligible to begin nursing courses in the Spring semester

Contact the RN-BS Program

Please contact Jo-Ann Stankus for additional information.

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