Nursing and JHG open academic support center

Mike A. Myers, JHG, and Dean Mainous cut the ribbon on the new academic support center

Since 2018, the Johanniter Humanitarian Group (JHG) of Texas has presented scholarships to Texas Nursing Scholars at TWU Dallas. This year, in addition to awarding 10 more scholarships to deserving scholars, JHG partnered with Mike A. Myers and the Mike A. Myers Foundation to launch the Myers – JHG Tutoring and Academic Support Center.

The center includes a fully dedicated staff coordinator in Niki Fogg and 13 tutors who offer free tutoring to student nurses.

"In a time when it is difficult to retain nurses in the profession, we are doing our best to produce high-quality BSN nurses who can be relied upon to care for the health and well-being of Texans,” College of Nursing Dean Rosalie Mainous said. “The wonderful philanthropy of JHG & Mr. Myers makes a huge impact on our student outcomes."

THe Myers-JHG Tutoring and Academic Support Center

The College of Nursing in Dallas collaborated with JHG Texas to develop the center, which provides benefits on two fronts.

Several tutors are currently pursuing their master’s of science in nursing education on their way to becoming future professors. They will acquire clinical hours and earned fee income as tutors paid out of funds granted in part via JHG Texas.

JHG Texas is a humanitarian organization in Texas that is sponsored by the greater international Johanniter community. The Johanniterorden, or Knightly Order of St. John of the Hospital of Jerusalem, is the protestant branch of the Knights Hospitaller and is the oldest charitable organization in existence today.

JHG awards 10 Texas Nursing Scholars

2021-2022 JHG Texas Nursing Scholars

  • Michelle Amoah
  • Shalom Anyiam
  • Maryel Cazares
  • Clarice Flores
  • Victoria Gallardo
  • Sui Iang
  • Valerie Johnson
  • Haley Krause
  • Poonam Patel
  • Esmeralda Perez

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