2019 Edible Car Contest winners announced

Texas Woman’s University hosted its 21st annual Edible Car Contest Friday, Feb 8. The contest challenged Dallas-Fort Worth area grade school students to combine their creative ideas with principles of mathematics and physics. Students in teams of four (with a minimum of two female participants per team) built small cars entirely out of edible materials, which were then judged in several categories, including ingenuity, mobility and design. The teams also competed against each other for the fastest race times by rolling their cars down an inclined racetrack.

The event was judged by TWU faculty and staff, and supported by TWU student volunteers.

Winning Teams

Top Prizes

1st Place- $300

Team 96: Tannahill Intermediate - Miguel Carrera, Caden Cato, Avery Maitlen, and Ella Newsome

2nd Place- $200

Team 78: Fine Arts Academy- Marisa Hight, Layla LoGalbo, Andy Gowan, Caden Dorasami

3rd Place- $100

Team 88: Tannahill Intermediate- Emery Bravo, Zephyr Lee, Brayden Wilson, Haley Rodriguez

Certificate Prizes- $50

Most Unique Car

Team 92: Tannahill Intermediate- Deisy Rodriguez, Anthony Herrera, Marci Longoria, and Vincent McCormick

Best Use of Materials

Team 35: Argyle Middle School- Ella Stoops. Miranda Dipietro, Sophia Summerford, Jonah Burd

Best Overall Theme

Team 95: Tannahill Intermediate-Hallie Harp, Madeline Folsom, Rocky Guerra, and Luke Sanchez

Five Fastest Race Times- $50

New award for 2019

Team 13: Argyle Middle School- Merrit Hawkesworth, Hannah Daniel, Addison Sarratt, and Kate Rendon

Team 76: Fine Arts Academy- Elizabeth Hamor, Ashten Crowdis, Daniel Holdrige, and Christian May

Team 23: Argyle Middle School- Sara Daniels, Victoria Taylor, Reagan Faria, and Allison Giese

Team 46: Argyle Middle School- Sara Shilling, Sofia Wolfe, Ethan Vest, and Trevor Patton

Team 93: Tannahill Intermediate- Addy Wright, Jonah Jordan, Teddy Medina-McIntyre, and Zarah Brown

Most Participants

Professor and chair of the TWU Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Don Edwards, Ph.D., presented an additional award of $300.00 to Argyle Middle School for bringing the most participants. The school brought 65 teams. A total of 89 teams from seven schools participated.

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