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Navigating academia: The importance of mentorship for doctoral students

As a doctoral student, attending AERA can be an overwhelming experience. The conference is massive and encompasses a wide range of educational research topics beyond one's specific area of interest. However, with the guidance and mentorship of a seasoned faculty member like JaNiece Elzy, EdD, the experience can be a valuable opportunity for learning and growth.

Unleashing the future of education for doctoral students

Discover how Phyliciá Anderson's research journey as a doctoral student shapes her future, impacts classrooms, and fuels professional growth.

Understanding adoption in children's picture books: Research insights

Explore adoption picture book research by Amy Burke, PhD, and Melody Zoch, PhD, to find analysis of oversimplification, limited diversity, and the lifelong journey of adoptees.

Preserving indigenous languages in Latin America: Culturally aware education

Explore the overlooked topic of preserving indigenous languages in Latin America. Esmeralda Cartagena Collazo shares her personal experiences and advocates for cultural awareness in education to honor and preserve the languages of indigenous students.

Advancing Early Childhood Education

Discover Margarita Cuervo's research in early childhood education. She is investigating the impact of instructional interactions on phonological awareness and vocabulary knowledge.