Jane Hall, B.A., B.Ed.

In Aug. 2007 I became the author of the first book published on female members of the RCMP. The book “The Red Wall; a Woman in the RCMP” is an eye witness account of the impact of social,  political and legal influence on the RCMP over a twenty year period (1977-1998) from a grass roots police point of view. As one of the first female members in the RCMP there is an added dimension to the observations. 

The book has received extensive media attention in Canada. The IAWP (International Association of Women in Police) along with other organizations and media outlets have published favorable reviews. There is a pending review on the book from the international journal Police Practice and Research.  

The book has been well received in a number of North American University libraries as a reference book. Main University’s library service have the book listed under Sociology, Simon Fraser University in B.C. under History, Queen’s University lists it in their Law library. The “Red Wall” is also available at Canadian public libraries, Coles, Indigo/Chapters, Blackbond Books and Amazon. 

Research Interests

I am the current coordinator for an international study on police culture and promotion.  The goal of the research is to develop an effective, defendable instrument to identify training and policy issues which negatively impact leadership potential for the organization and individuals. The study is supported by the Public Safety Leadership Development Consortium, Police Futurists International and Myers Briggs

Policing Experience   

1993-97 Training NCO for Surrey Detachment. ~ I was responsible for the development and delivery of courses, workshops and training within Surrey Detachment.  I was also an instructor at the Provincial interagency level for the Effective Presentations Instructors Course, the Instructor Trainer Course for St. John’s Ambulance and the First Responders Course.  As training NCO I was in charge of the Auxiliary Constable program, recruitment seminars and supervision of the recruit field training program. 

1988-93 Langley Detachment. ~ I was a Patrol officer and in addition to my file load I supervised and assisted less experienced members with more serious and complex investigations.  I instructed first aid for the fire department and St. Johns as well as the Instructional techniques course at the Division level. 

1982- 88 Federal Investigation Section ~ I gained experience on this section on the enforcement of many federal acts including, but, not limited to Customs & Excise Act, Aeronautics Act, the Air Carriers Regulations Act, Endangered Species Act, Migratory Birds Act and the Cultural Properties Act. These investigations often involved co-operation and co-ordination with other Canadian and US Federal agencies  

1977-82 North Vancouver Detachment ~ I spent half my five years in uniform performing Patrol duties and half in a detective role, conducting surveillance, running wire taps, working informants, preparing court reports for Supreme Court cases.  I gained extensive operation experience during my time in North Vancouver in Criminal Code offences including, but not limited to, B & E, rape, armed robbery, arson and murder. 

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