Why do you need a will?

You do not need to be old or sick to need a will. It is a document that protects your family and those you love.

  • Without a Will, State Law governs who gets your property
  • Without a Will, your family may need to have a court Determine Heirship in your estate, which can be expensive
  • With a Will, you decide who gets your property and who handles the estate
  • With a Will, you protect your family from expensive proceedings caused by death without a Will
  • A Will protects your family whenever you die
  • A Will does not mean you are planning to die soon
  • At Student Legal Services Wills for TWU students are Free!

Why do you need a power of attorney?

A Power of Attorney gives someone you trust the authority to make decisions for you when needed.

  • Once you are 18, another person cannot make medical and property decisions for you without proper authority
  • If you become incapacitated, Powers of Attorney made before your incapacity can allow someone you designated to make medical and property decisions for you
  • If you want someone to sell property for you, it may require a Power of Attorney to show that the person has the authority to sell it
  • At Student Legal Services Powers of Attorney for TWU students are Free!

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