Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

Your personal information is valuable to those people who would like to use it to get your money or to use and ruin your credit. Here are a few simple things you can do:

  • Always lock your car and do not leave paperwork with your identity in it. (Credit card receipts and invoices can give criminals all the information they need)
  • Carry only your needed credit cards and financial information. (Do not take your social security card with you, unless you are going to need it)
  • Secure your purse and wallet at all times and do not carry your pin numbers or passwords. (Report their theft/loss to police, credit card companies, credit reporting agencies and your banks)
  • Never click on links in unsolicited emails. (Investigate them before you click, as these links can install spyware that captures keystrokes/passwords)
  • Shred financial documents and junk mail with your personal information. (If you just tear it up, the paper can be taped together - At least cut it up into very small pieces)
  • Do not easily give up your personal information. (Only give up your personal information, if you made the call and verified the business)
  • Store your personal information in a safe place. (Criminals want your personal information, because they can use it over and over)
  • Be careful with files that contain your personal information. (If you have roommates and guests, lock files away or do not label them as having personal info)
  • Do not leave out receipts, bills, credit card offers, and documents with your personal information. (Never tempt your roommates or your guests with your valuable personal information)

Page last updated 4:16 PM, March 21, 2017