Biomechanics Laboratory

The TWU Biomechanics Lab provides three spaces to practice what you learn in the classroom.

Main Lab (Pioneer Hall 123)

The Main Lab houses a conference area, a lounge and four faculty and student offices. Research equipment, including aBiodex System Pro 3 and NeuroCom Smart BalanceMaster, are located in the Main Lab.  Four high-capacity data analysis workstations with high resolution, large-format monitor also are available for use.

Weekly lab meetings and Friday brown bag sessions are held in this area.

Motion Analysis Lab (Pioneer Hall 124)

The MAL consists of a 40x80-foot (12x24m) data collection area, a control room, a subject prep room and storage. The high ceilings of provides large enough space for data collection in various sport and exercise settings with no modification, including gait, pitching, batting, jumping, soccer heading and basketball shooting. An instrumented data collection pit with force plates is located in the center of the data collection area.

Data collection is controlled from the control room with two high-capacity workstations. Wired and wireless networks are available in the MAL, with a dedicated Wireless Access Point for easy and speedy data transmission across the labs.

Research equipment in this lab includes a Kwon 3D XP Motion Analysis System, AMTI force plates and a Noraxon Wireless EMG System.

Classroom (Pioneer Hall 122)

All undergraduate and graduate biomechanics laboratory classes are held in this classroom, which has a media cart with projector.

Additional Facilities

Pioneer Hall also has full-size gym, running track and indoor swimming pool, each of which are used for data collection, testing and training, and underwater motion analysis.

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