Willie Chapman Cooper Hobby

A gown made of white China silk with sequin-embroidered lace with a long train made of white chiffon

Willie Chapman Cooper was born in 1887 in Woodville, Texas and spent much of her girlhood in Washington, D.C., while her father was a member of the House of Representatives. She married in 1915.

  • 1917 - Willie Chapman Cooper Hobby's husband was first elected Lieutenant Governor and then Governor of Texas after having been acting Governor during the trial proceedings against Governor James E. Ferguson. 
  • Willie Chapman Cooper Hobby's term as First Lady was during World War I and she spent many hours in Red Cross workrooms and in other related activities. 
  • After Governor Hobby's term, the family moved to Houston, Texas, where Willie Chapman Cooper Hobby's activities included literary clubs and patriotic organizations. 
  • Willie Chapman Cooper Hobby was a member of the John McKnitt Alexander Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Houston.

Mrs. Hobby's inaugural gown was destroyed by fire. A replica of the gown was presented to the collection by Governor Hobby. The gown is made of white China silk decorated with sequin-embroidered lace. It has a deep square neckline and a long soft full train of white chiffon. The beautiful lace was purchased in France.

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