Orline Walton Sayers

The full gown is shown on a dress form. It is a gold lace with cap sleeves.
Photo is courtesy of Melanie Sanford, Textile Preservation Services of Texas.

Orline Walton married Joseph D. Sayers, a soldier, who served his country as a member of the United States Congress for 14 years.

  • 1899 - Joseph D. Sayers became the Governor of Texas. Orline Walton Sayers secured permission from the state to redecorate the house and grounds of the Governor's Mansion. 
  • Orline Walton Sayers served as president of the local auxiliary of the Austin YMCA and later served on the state committee that paved the way for the establishment of the YMCA in other Texas cities. 
  • Governor Joseph D. Sayers signed the legislative bill creating the Girls' Industrial College and appointed its first Board of Regents. This institution was later named Texas Woman's University.

The gown representing Orline Walton Sayers was presented to the collection through the Thankful Hubbard Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Austin. Orline Walton Sayers wore a beautiful gown of Battenburg lace to Governor Sayer's Inaugural Ball.

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