Professional Meetings

The University recognizes the value of faculty participation in the work of leading professional organizations and learned societies. It is the responsibility of the academic departments to monitor a faculty member's arrangements for scheduling of classes to be missed and dealing with other conditions created by the absence of a faculty member to participate in a professional meeting.
Faculty should normally submit their anticipated travel requests at the beginning of the academic year in order that the funds available for travel may be allocated in a planned manner. With regard to attending meetings of professional organizations and learned societies, the following should be considered as the priority order of justification for such travel: 1) presentation of an original paper; 2) functioning as an officer of the organization or society; 3) serving as chair of a panel, discussion group, or divisional activity; and 4) attendance as a member and as the sole representative of the University.

Faculty members attending professional meetings are encouraged to inform the Office of Marketing and Communication in order that appropriate publicity may be prepared.

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