Sisters share passion for language, learning, PhDs

Griselda and Ivonne Solano

They share the same last name, a love of language, and represent the first generation in their family to attend college. And on Dec. 16, sisters Griselda and Ivonne Solano will earn doctorates in Literacy, Language and Culture.

The Solano sisters earned scholarships through Texas Woman’s PIONERAS program, which is designed to enhance the English language skills of Spanish-dominant learners. The program helped Griselda and Ivonne further their education with a cohort of in-service teachers who are committed to education.

Griselda Solano said she was inspired to pursue her doctorate because she believes education can provide students with opportunities to understand their world and, most importantly, reimagine and recreate it. As an educator, she hopes to provide students with an education that validates them and exposes them to endless possibilities.

Ivonne Solano said education always has been the key to transforming her life. She said she and her sister came from humble beginnings and that she has found joy in serving other students like herself and encouraging them to dream beyond their current circumstances. She believes in the power of bilingual education in schools and the endless possibilities that exist once individuals strive to accomplish their goals. 

After graduation, Griselda Solano plans to continue working as an educator and adjunct professor, with a goal of becoming a full professor. Ivonne Solano plans to continue working as a school leader and adjunct professor with a goal of becoming a professor in a bilingual education program. 

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