Happy spring semester to the #campuswithaheart

Dear Texas Woman’s Faculty and Staff,

As you prepare for another semester, I wanted to share some recent comments from students that I hope will make your day. They made mine.

  • “Texas Woman’s is a tightly knit community. Every class I’ve ever been to, the professors know my name, always. …You get opportunities here beyond imagination simply through conversations with professors.”—Dallas nursing student
  • “The university is geared to empowering students and giving a chance—and hope—to people who don’t always have that opportunity.”—doctoral student in marriage and family therapy
  • “I have met the nicest people here! Even speaking to someone new, it almost feels like we are immediately family. The culture at Texas Woman’s is such that everyone can find a place of belonging.”—doctoral student in special education
  • “Coming from a small community, the diversity at Texas Woman’s has taught me more than I learn even in classes. It’s already had a lasting impact on me and will make me a better nurse for years to come.”—Dallas nursing student
  • “The students and teachers here are unlike any other community. The professors are dedicated to seeing students succeed. I wish my bachelor’s degree could take longer because of all the great faculty. They are all unique and authentic.”—Dallas nursing student
  • “‘A private feel at a public cost’ was the billboard I used to always see. I didn’t get it at first, but literally one week into the semester, I got it immediately. One of my first professors helped me get an internship and connected me to more people than I could ever imagine. Everyone seems a lot more willing to help here and push me to be the best person I could possibly be. It isn’t something you see everywhere—or anywhere else—the level of care from professors. They’re there because they want to make you the best you can be, and they’re passionate about it.”—masters student in healthcare administration
  • “The diversity has totally blown me away. I have felt welcome from the very beginning. …Student activities and professional symposiums have a diversity of presenters, unlike anything I have ever seen.”—doctoral student in early childhood education
  • “I love ‘boldly go!’ It gives me energy. It’s a permission slip to, well, boldly go, whatever that looks like. I never felt that at Emery or UT Health Sciences Center. My professors here challenge me, push me, and encourage me. They take what I’m passionate about and combine that with what I need to know in my field. It’s pretty phenomenal.”—doctoral student in nursing
  • “I love how beautiful the landscaping is. It looks like it was made for women. I love living in the dorms, showing my friends around, and seeing the library. I’m most passionate about the science programs. I’ve never had a professor I didn’t like or who wasn’t putting forth the effort to push me. My friends have, but they go to other universities. I have never seen that here.”—kinesiology/pre-occupational therapy major
  • “The smaller feel, almost like a private feel, is kind of a marketing point of the school, but it’s true. The smallness makes me feel more connected to my peers. We have so many events. There are so many ways to get out there and meet new people, so many ways to build relationships.”—pre-law, first time in college student-athlete
  • “The diversity and highlights on inclusion help me to inspire change through dance and showcase messages of love, positivity, and strength. With like-minded yet diverse peers, we’re working together to do great things”—MFA dance major

Given their audience, they were bound to share niceties. Still, the sheer volume and consistency of their comments across majors, levels, and backgrounds are nothing short of stunning. It is not just what they said but the way they said it, too—with a tone of eagerness, passion, and authenticity.

These are the types of stories that inspired #campuswithaheart seven years ago, and they are a reminder of just how extraordinary the faculty and staff are at Texas Woman’s. As you already know, you make a profoundly positive impact on the lives of students who attend Texas Woman’s, but I thought a happy reminder never hurts.

I could not be more proud to work with you. You fill me with purpose, excitement, and an eagerness to, as one student said, “boldly go” into the spring semester of 2022.

With a pioneering spirit,

Carine M. Feyten, Ph.D.
Chancellor and President

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