Message from the Chancellor (COVID 19 March 17 2020 2:50 p.m.)

TWU athlete news related to the coronavirus situation…and parking

Dear Texas Woman’s Community:
I hope everyone is still well, for the most part, on this second day of our extended spring break. Happy St-Patrick’s Day, too! #goMaroon
I have been hearing from various groups in our Texas Woman’s community. Today, I thought I’d focus on stories of our student-athletes. For some of the teams in mid-season, the cancelation by our Lone Star Conference means their season ended abruptly last week. I can only imagine the grief of so many athletes who have put their hearts and souls into the training to be the best—and show it in competition. Softball’s head coach, Amber Barker, took the time to individually call each member on the team to announce the news and to see how they were doing. Hers is a spot-on example of the importance of the personal touch in this time of ‘social distance’... a great example of leadership. Similarly, as Coach Bowerman shared the news with her gymnasts, she reminded them, “it’s the journey where we grow.”
These examples and sentiments are an encouragement to me too. It is not necessarily where we are going that matters as much as how we move forward today. I remember once reading about the growth of trees and how their defense—their bark—has to shed in order for the trunk to expand. While protective barriers are vital, sometimes, we have to loosen them to grow. 
Chancellor Feyten in a yoga pose with the TWU Softball team
TWU Softball team practicing social distancing before they leave campus for the semester.
I know online delivery is a considerable shift from face-to-face classes, but there are some key advantages that online educators have highlighted over the years. Online is a space where more voices enter into conversations, and those diverse perspectives can often anchor knowledge better. That’s just one of many benefits, but at the same time, I want to acknowledge that the environment is not without its challenges, including being more resource-intensive, and with a steep learning curve for all those who had to ‘jump in’ on very short notice. As we move along, I hope you, too, will embrace coach Bowerman’s sentiments about the journey.
And to end with one more bit of good news—tongue in cheek—parking is no longer the issue it has been on every campus since the dawn of time. of today, we will stop enforcing parking for the remainder of the semester in Dallas and Denton. Houston, we’ve got a problem! Parking there is enforced by the garage owners, not the university. Those in Denton who have been parking in the remote lots at the Denton Bible Chapel can use the closer, mostly empty lots on the campus. Shuttles will stop running after Thursday. Students who are still living on campus can park closer to their residence halls, and staff can have access to closer lots as well, including the non-reserved spaces in the Oakland Complex.
We will keep the news flowing. The redesigned coronavirus page, linked on the main TWU site, should be up and operational by the end of the day.
With Pioneer Pride,
Carine M. Feyten, Ph.D.
Chancellor and President

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