Partnership accelerates degree plans for Brazosport students

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March 6, 2024 — DENTON — Rebecca Jones is a senior at Brazosport College in Lake Jackson, Texas. She is also a Texas Woman’s student, taking online graduate-level classes.

When she graduates from Brazosport in the summer of 2024, she will receive an undergraduate degree and a post-baccalaureate certificate in business fundamentals from Texas Woman’s. And she’ll be four classes closer to a master’s degree at Texas Woman’s. 

Jones is one of the first students in a unique partnership between TWU’s College of Business and Brazosport College. Launched in fall 2023, the partnership offers students an opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree from Brazosport and a post-baccalaureate certificate from TWU. Senior Brazosport students majoring in industrial management or health services management can take four TWU graduate classes in lieu of four undergraduate classes. 

Pushkala Raman, the COB associate dean for academic affairs, led efforts to make this partnership a reality. She was approached by Brazosport, which was looking for pathways for students to pursue graduate degrees. The COB wanted to grow its MBA and MHA programs. A perfect fit.

“The certificates establish students’ credentials in the area of business and healthcare administration,” Raman said. “It also shows potential employers that the new employee is capable of not just a bachelor’s degree but doing something extra. Because obviously when you take graduate courses it stretches you and tests you a little more. So, I think that just having the certificate proves that you are committed and willing to do something more.”

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Rebecca Jones

While the impetus for the certificates was the Brazosport partnership, anyone with a bachelor’s degree can apply. The COB created four post-baccalaureate certificates geared for the working professional wanting to advance their career. All earned certificate hours can be applied toward obtaining an MBA or MHA from TWU. 

Jones learned about the certificates through a Texas Woman’s presentation on her campus. 

“I was actually sick the day of the presentation but they set up a Zoom for me to be able to attend virtually,” Jones said. “During the presentation, Dr. Raman was discussing the different pathways and opportunities offered at TWU and mentioned the Jane Nelson Institute for Women's Leadership and how they were building the women in entrepreneurship program with women utilizing grants to fund their research and projects for innovative ideas and business ventures. I was intrigued by that.”

Jones is a physical therapist assistant and recently started her own health coaching business.  

“My passion is helping people to live their best life in health and I want to be an influencer in the healthcare world to encourage physicians, nurses, allied staff, and administration so that they can provide the best care to those seeking their services,” Jones said. 

Jones hadn’t even considered pursuing a master’s degree until she heard about the TWU partnership and its Center for Women Entrepreneurs, which provides business owners and students interested in entrepreneurship with the training, funding, coaching and networking needed to be successful business owners. 

Jones believes the certificate will save her time in reaching her biggest goals. 

“I'm always up for a good challenge and with this certificate opportunity, I get to kind of double dip for both my undergraduate and graduate,” Jones said. “It made sense to me to take advantage of this once I decided I wanted to pursue my master's.”

Post graduation, Jones is interested in pursuing TWU’s dual MHA/MBA program and getting involved in the Center for Women Entrepreneurs.

“I believe the industry of healthcare needs people like me that are looking for innovative ways to improve employee retention, care provision, and technological advancement while remaining profitable.”

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