Marketing team makes splash in first national competition

six AMA students stand with sign in front of AMA blue backdrop, accompanied by three staff members

April 21, 2023 – DENTON – For a few weeks this spring, the Texas Woman’s American Marketing Association chapter was up to its eyeballs in late-night rehearsals, advisor meetings and presentation design, not to mention a flurry of last-minute adjustments, before six members of its team headed to New Orleans for a competition at the AMA International Collegiate Conference.

All the hard work paid off. Not in the form of the top prize at the competition but in the immeasurable lessons learned to strengthen its new club going forward.

“The conference was a four-day whirlwind, but the students had invaluable experiences that build on what they're learning here at TWU,” said assistant professor of marketing and AMA co-chapter advisor Andrea Bennett, PhD. 

Assistant professor of marketing Fernanda Muniz, PhD served as the other chapter advisor. 

The TWU AMA chapter finished in third place along with six other colleges in the case competition. Students Rebecca Lembrino-Crowe, Ciara Easterling, Adriana Davila, Ruby Adame, Zena Hall and Lauryn Johnson presented their digital marketing plan to The Wall Street Journal marketing department after being named one of 10 finalists in January. 

“Our team was praised for their presentation by the judges,” Bennett said. “Whenever anyone realized I was their faculty advisor, they told me how great the team did, how poised they were and how proud they should be.” 

seven members of AMA chapter sit around a round table in a conference room

In just its first year of existence and first time at the convention, the Texas Woman’s chapter was also recognized as outstanding for its professional development efforts over the past year, which were based on the chapter's plans and annual review. In addition to competing in the case competition, the members also attended presentations, made connections with other AMA members, and learned how other chapters strengthened their organizations. 

Several team members also competed in individual competitions. Davila was a finalist, finishing in the top 20% in the perfect pitch competition, during which she had to develop a 30-second elevator pitch for a given scenario. 

“I am very proud and happy that I was a finalist and know what areas I need to improve in and areas I need to keep on strengthening,” Davila said. “With a little more knowledge and awareness, I hope I can make it all the way next time.”

The group is already looking to the future and next year’s case competition and conference. The chapter is hoping to partner with local businesses. Any organization that is interested in sponsoring AMA can reach out to Lembrino-Crowe, the chapter president, for more information. 

“This conference really made me excited for the future,” Davila said. “All I can think about is how proud and humbled I am to be a part of this experience.” 

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