Rishi Raj, EdD, ’14, ’16

a professional head shot of TWU alumnus Dr. Rishi Raj

Rishi Raj, EdD, came to Texas Woman’s as an international student from India. He was encouraged to attend the university by current faculty that provided personal attention helping him to submit his immigration paperwork. Dr. Raj was impressed by the strong sense of community that he found at Texas Woman’s, which is unlike anything he had experienced elsewhere.

“All stakeholders believed in its vision, and it reflected in their actions as well. After seeing how some other institutions work, I often reflect on how amazingly TWU has been able to capitalize on excellence using its unique culture.”

TWU’s compassionate campus community was especially evident in the care that professors showed for students, such as TWU College of Business Professor John Nugent, DBA. Despite not being one of Dr. Raj’s professors or his advisor, Dr. Nugent offered his time and mentorship in both academic and professional areas.

As a business student at Texas Woman’s, Dr. Raj’s goal had been to work in the accounting field within the corporate world. However, he found an unexpected love for higher education while working on campus part-time. After spending a few years working in corporate America, Dr. Raj felt a calling to return to the field of higher education.

Dr. Raj, who is a first-year seminar professor at Texas A&M – Corpus Christi, is excited to be able to work with students who are transitioning from high school to college. He finds shaping and impacting future generations as an educator to be empowering.

“A leader is not only a representative of the vision of the followers. A leader is someone who can turn that vision into reality.”

One accomplishment that Dr. Raj is particularly proud of is the dialogue that he contributed to "From Thought to Action: Developing a Social Justice Orientation," that was published in 2020 by Texas A&M – Corpus Christi associate provost Amy Aldridge Sanford, PhD. The book examines the history of activism and empowers readers to take action for the causes that they support.

In his spare time, Dr. Raj enjoys cooking. He also frequents the beaches of Corpus Christi to relax and unwind.

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