Leila Naderi, PhD '13

Leila Naderi, PhD

Leila Naderi, PhD '13 serves as a leader for the Career Development Center at the University of San Diego where she oversees strategic initiatives  in her role as Associate Director of Employer Relations. Dr. Naderi also serves on the International Affairs Board (IAB) for the City of San Diego advising local leadership on international issues and policies affecting their community. 

Dr. Naderi’s focus on fostering cultural connections and international engagement to better her city was nurtured during her time at Texas Woman’s University. A graduate of the College of Business with a Master’s in Business Administration, Dr. Naderi focuses her career impact on fostering cultural connection with an interest in international engagement. She was involved in the university’s Enactus chapter, an organization connecting student leaders and entrepreneurs who work to better the world. “TWU’s Enactus program taught me that with a business-oriented mindset and a heart for the world, we can all win,” she says. Dr. Naderi went on to serve on the Faculty Advisory Committee for Enactus United States from 2020–2023, giving back to the organization that empowered her.

She cites TWU faculty Professor David Rylander as a major inspiration during her time at Texas Woman’s. In addition to serving as an Enactus faculty advisor while Dr. Naderi was a member of the program, Professor Rylander worked with Naderi as she created a link between research and practice that she carried into her career. “My TWU education has allowed me to empower communities through my work and to open new doors of opportunity for my own professional development.”

To business students who want to develop into effective leaders, “seek innovative ways to apply your knowledge from the program,” Dr. Naderi shares. “Serving the greater good and leading with a heart for the community will open up new possibilities and opportunities for success.”

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