Diane Kue ’03

Diane Kue

Diane Kue ’03 is an educational author, speaker and consultant at Seidlitz Education. She earned her bachelor’s in interdisciplinary studies from Texas Woman’s University and now works with educators to promote pedagogical applications to support teachers, students and educational leaders. 

Diane is the first in her family to pursue a college education, and she found the guidance she needed at TWU. “I had no idea how to apply, what I needed to be accepted, or even how to get an application,” she says. “Of all the universities, TWU was the most welcoming and unassuming. TWU walked me through the process without judgment.”

She arrived at TWU already confident in her writing abilities, but “Dr. Russell Greer immediately let me know I still had work to do,” she recalls. “I grew so much that semester thanks to Dr. Greer, who has impacted my life so profoundly.” 

Texas Woman’s served as the foundation for Diane as she charted her career trajectory. She has spoken across the state, region and nation sharing the research she has done. “When I was working for a school district, I found a lack of research connecting pedagogical foundations in literacy to mathematics pedagogy and reasoning,” she says. “I began conducting research so I could support instructional practices with evidence-based applications. One day, I noticed I had written over 18,000 words based on my findings and thought, ‘This would be a helpful book for math teachers.’” Her book, Solved: A Teacher's Guide to Making Word Problems Comprehensible, is used at schools, educational service centers and conferences. 

“I loved every moment of my TWU experience,” she says. “And now I love my job as an educational author, speaker and consultant — and the strength of my writing comes from everything I learned at TWU.”

To students looking to succeed, Diane offers this advice: “Be true to yourself. Build relationships, stay connected to those you respect and do not be threatened by those who can do something you cannot — learn from them, ask questions, and pursue what makes you happy. In the long run, you’ll have built the foundations for success.”

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