Agnes E. (Bracher) Barrett ’44

Agnes Barrett sitting on a couch.

Agnes Barrett originally came to Texas Woman’s University (then Texas State College for Women) to study business because of the reasonable cost for an education. She graduated in 1944 with her degree in Business and left with a love for TWU that has endured throughout the years. Exxon (then Humble Oil) came to campus recruiting and Barrett was one of three women selected to go to Houston and begin working for the company. Barrett met her late husband, Edward, in Houston as well and had a 26-year career with Exxon working mainly for a Vice President and Board Member.  At 96, Agnes loves to play bridge and keep up with friends and family.


Why did you come to TWU? The cost was reasonable. I mostly paid for it myself. It was the least expensive and I had to work several jobs to pay for my education.

What is your favorite TWU memory? The friendships I acquired and I loved my professors, they were very kind to me.

Do you have another TWU memory? I was one of three girls selected to work at Exxon when they came to the campus. So, I went to Houston. They treated me well and I enjoyed working for them. I lived in the Netherlands with my late husband, Edward, for four years until he suddenly passed away. We planned to live there until retirement. We enjoyed the people of the Netherlands.

What advice do you have for college students hoping to succeed professionally? I was told by prominent men around me at the time to save 10% of my salary and invest in Exxon stock. So, I did that. Start investing once you start working. Also, be a grateful person who writes ‘thank you’ notes.

What makes an effective leader? Know as many people in your organization by name, and what they are capable of, if possible. You want to be able to know where to go to get something you need.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? I am an avid duplicate bridge player. The recent Houston flooding had washed away the bridge boards from our favorite spot to play. It’s hard to get people together. I used to love to cook desserts. I love keeping up with friends and family with notes and letters.

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