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Capital Area Chapter

Amount: Varies
Frequency: Annually
Selection Process: Capital Area Chapter Scholarship Committee 

  • Female, any field
  • Undergraduate and at least a sophomore
  • Permanent resident of Austin or Travis County
  • Need for financial aid
  • Provide transcript and expected date of graduation
  • 3.0 GPA or higher

Send thank you notes to: President of Capital Area Chapter

Dallas Chapter

Amount: $1500
Frequency: Annually
Selection Process: Dallas Chapter Scholarship Committee

  • Academically promising student in need of financial aid
  • Dallas area student, if possible
  • Consideration will be given to a student which comes to the attention of a member(s) of the Chapter 

Send thank you notes to: Scholarship Committee

Apply for the Dallas Chapter alumni scholarship

Corpus Christi Chapter

Amount: Varies
Frequency: Annually
Selection Process: Executive Committee of Corpus Christi Chapter/Alumni Association

  • Female
  • Permanent resident of Corpus Christi
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA average
  • At least a junior
  • Applications to include reasons for selecting TWU, statement of need, future plans for career and work, GPA, major, minor, transcripts, additional info concerning interests, activities and honors

Send thank you notes to: President, Corpus Christi Chapter

Denton Area Chapter Scholarship

Amount: $1,000  
Frequency: Annually
Selection Process: Committee consisting of a minimum of five of the following will make the selection: Denton County VP for Scholarships, officers of Denton Area Chapter
Established: July of 1996 by Denton Area Chapter
Endowment: $14,000

  • Must be a female resident of Denton County
  • Must attend a Denton County high school
  • GPA of “B”
  • Enroll as a first-year or transfer student at TWU
  • Should demonstrate leadership abilities
  • Financial need is not a qualification

Send thank you notes to: Scholarship Chair, Denton Area Chapter

Apply for the Denton Chapter alumni scholarship

Fort Worth Chapter

Amount: $1000
Frequency: Annually
Selection Process: Fort Worth Chapter
Resident of Ft. Worth 

Apply for the Fort Worth Chapter alumni scholarship

Houston Chapter

Amount: $500
Frequency: Annually
Selection Process: Houston Chapter
Requirement: Resident of Houston area 
Send thank you notes to: President, Houston Chapter

Apply for the Houston Chapter alumni scholarship

San Antonio Chapter

Amount: Varies
Frequency: Annually
Selection Process: San Antonio Chapter
Requirement: Resident of Bexar County 

Send thank you notes to: President, San Antonio Chapter

Southern California Chapter (Los Angeles Area)

Amount: Varies expendable
Frequency: Annually
Selection Process: Southern California Chapter/Alumni Association

  • At least a sophomore with a B average except for students in the Art Department (which has an ongoing scholarship) and students in the department or college in which the award was given in the previous year
  • Priority will be given to applicants who may be:
    • A relative of a chapter member
    • California resident
    • Thereafter, lacking an applicant from either of the above categories, any student who meets the qualification in bullet one

Send thank you notes to: President, Southern California Chapter

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