Outreach & Events

The Fall Reading Program 2023 begins this September with the assistance of multiple youth centric departments on campus. Readers of all ages can participate in our literacy programs that focus on exploring new genres of literature and writing. We aim to make our programs fun, engaging, and active, so even our youngest readers can enjoy every aspect of them.

Summer Reading Program

Every year, Texas Woman’s Library provides a summer reading opportunity that strives to advance a love of reading and engage in activities that support active learning among individuals of all ages. As schools break for summer, this program plays a crucial role in preventing the "summer slide" phenomenon, where students may experience a decline in their reading abilities during the break.

By encouraging youth of all reading levels to participate in reading activities and explore a diverse range of books, the program helps maintain and improve literacy. Simply stated, participation in the TWU Summer Reading Challenge fosters a lifelong habit of reading for pleasure and enrichment while generating interest in the library and the value of books.