Construction & Space Planning

Spring 2023 Update

Spring is quickly approaching as we continue our construction project in Blagg-Huey Library. The third floor of the library is now open for use. Students are welcome to reserve study rooms online, visit the Wellness Room for some much needed quiet and relaxation, utilize the Graduate Study Space and the Lactation Room. With the opening of the third floor, our crew has moved to the second floor which will remain closed until April. If the construction noise is ever an issue, please visit the Information Desk for available options. We greatly appreciated your patience and understanding while we make these very necessary updates to our beautiful Blagg-Huey Library.

While work is being completed on the second floor, the Pioneer Center has temporarily relocated and can be contacted via email: to set up an appointment. The Psychology Resource Lab has also relocated and available for appointments, simply email for availability.

Thank you,
Kris Reed, Associate Dean of Libraries

Winter/Spring 2023 Update

Happy 2023 and welcome to the Spring semester. It is nice to see you once again and we look forward to continuing to work with you for your information needs.

The sprinkler project is progressing well as work continues on the 3rd floor of Blagg-Huey. Once the 3rd floor is completed, the workers will move on to the 2nd floor (around February 3rd). At that time we will reopen the 3rd floor and you can once again reserve the study rooms and use the various seating areas.

We are still waiting on the repairs to the outside of the building to address our water leakage issues. At this time there is no date on when this will start but we will keep you posted.

Renovations on the 2nd floor will begin this summer which includes changes to the Pioneer Center for Student Excellence, the Psychology Resource Lab, and the Reference area of the library. We hope to have that completed and ready to go next fall.

We appreciate your patience during this time of change. If you need a quiet place to study, please come to the Information Desk for assistance.

Thank you,

Kris Reed, Associate Dean of Libraries

Fall 2022 Update

First of all, WELCOME BACK to all of our students and faculty. It is wonderful seeing the excitement that is all around the campuses. We look forward to working with you to provide the resources you need for success.

Change seems to be constant in the Libraries with regard to space utilization and planning. Currently Starbucks is undergoing a renovation, which should be done before the end of September.

The outside of Blagg-Huey Library will be undergoing repairs this fall to correct some water leakage issues. Roof work will take place, windows will be resealed, and the façade will be repaired. Barricades are currently in place for safety.

The University will be installing a sprinkler system in Blagg-Huey this fall. Work will be scheduled on a floor by floor basis. There will be signs up to keep you updated on our progress. The Library will remain open during this construction which will last well into the spring semester. Study space will be somewhat limited when we close off the second and third floors. The first floor will remain open, even when the construction is ongoing on that floor. This is because only half of the floor will be done at a time.

We have a supply of noise-cancelling earplugs available at the Information Desk in Blagg-Huey should you need them. Also, staff are happy to assist you in finding a quieter space for study if you want that.

Thank you for your patience as we work through these various building improvements.

Kris Reed, Associate Dean of Libraries

Summer 2021 Updates

The TWU Libraries have returned to normal operations, although we still encourage social distancing. Users will find that our tables are somewhat spread out to provide for safety and comfort. Some staff members are still working remotely but they will be back in August. We are excited that we can return to welcome our new class of freshmen and transfers.

As for space renovations, the Blagg-Huey Library has completed the project to provide extra storage space on the 3rd floor to house materials from our Special Collections department. There are also a few additional study rooms. This floor remains as our Quiet Zone. All other library rooms are now open for use. We will be starting a renovation project on the 2nd floor sometime this winter. It will involve not only the Blagg-Huey Library, but also the Pioneer Center for Student Excellence and the Psychology Resource Center. The area on the 2nd floor where the Special Collections books were is now filled with tables and chairs for student study. The books were moved to the 3rd floor so that our collections are together in one place. This open area where the renovation will take place is available for use until the construction begins. All of the computer work stations that were on the 2nd floor are now on the 1st floor.

The Library has also added some more color to our Children’s area along with a few computers for parents to use while watching their children.

Unfortunately we have had to install barricades at the entrance to Blagg-Huey for safety reasons. Our Facilities Department will be repairing the deteriorated cement both in front and over our balcony. Once completed, the barricades will come down.

If you ever need help finding a place to study, please go to our Information Desk for assistance.

Thank you for your understanding while we make changes.

Winter 2020 Updates

The Blagg-Huey Library staff was busy over the winter break accommodating workers who updated our flooring. All of the older carpet was changed out to match the new pattern that was previously scattered throughout the building. All carpeted areas now have the grey/blue/purple pattern to give the library a new refreshed look, with the exception of the first floor computer areas. This was left as is because we will soon be renovating that area with the construction of new training rooms, a scan/copy center, and more student study space. Our Technology Team will relocate to the new area so that they can provide immediate assistance to our users. Once completed, this new area will also have the matching carpet pattern.

This summer we will be adding additional individual study rooms on the third floor while creating additional storage space for our Special Collections. Recently we opened up #305 as an additional large study space for our students. Stay tuned for more exciting changes to come!

As always, feel free to contact our staff if you need a quiet study area. Our Silent Study Space is located on the Garden Level.

Thank you for your patience.

Fall 2019 Updates

We are happy to announce that our 3rd floor renovation in the Blagg-Huey Library is complete. All study rooms now have new tables and chairs! Our Graduate Study Space is open and available to our graduate students. By swiping your ID, graduate students will receive access to the room. There are 3 private study rooms, cabinets, tables, comfortable seating, lockers, and a small kitchenette in the space. Also on the 3rd floor is our completed Wellbeing Room, which is designed for meditation, prayer, and quiet reflection. It is open to all TWU students, faculty, and staff and is accessible by card swipe. The large window fills the room with warmth and light and creates a mood of relaxation. Lockers, a privacy screen, zafus, and zabutons (cushions) are available for use. Next to the Wellbeing Room is the new office of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi TWU chapter.

We have added 7 new study carrels to the First Floor near the Children’s Collection. Once wiring is complete, we will have 4 computers there for student use. Additionally, we will soon have a scanner available in the Graduate Study Space on Third Floor.

Don’t forget that if you find yourself dozing off, the Library has a nap pod on the Garden Level, inside the Silent Study Space. We also have a Lactation Room (#312) available for families.

We realize that renovations cause interruptions for our students and want you to know that we appreciate your patience in making these improvements for your use.

Winter Updates

the special collections reception area with a portion of a classroom area to the right and an open door leading to the Reading Room in the back. A large in-wall television display sits behind the reception desk.


Changes are taking place rapidly in the Blagg-Huey Library. Our alcove study rooms on the 3rd floor are now enclosed and new furniture is on its way. The new Graduate Study Space is ready to open up on the 3rd floor. Our largest project, renovation of Special Collections is now complete (except for some millwork and graphics). The entire area has been renovated with more workspace for staff, a new Catherine Merchant Reading Room, an instruction/study area, and a welcome desk. The Wellbeing Room is being finalized as is the Phi Kappa Phi Office on the 3rd floor. When students return to campus in January they will find new carpet on most of the 1st floor. The Library renovations being done are a result of feedback we have received, mostly from our students.

3rd Floor and Special Collections Updates

Changes are taking place rapidly in the Blagg-Huey Library. Recently we enclosed our alcove study rooms on the 3rd floor and made them available to students on a first-come/first-served basis. The new Graduate Study Space on the 3rd floor is nearing completion. Our largest project is the renovation of Special Collections which is taking place now. The entire area is being renovated with more workspace for staff, a new Reading Room, an instruction area, and a welcoming center. It is scheduled to be ready by the start of the Fall Semester.

Special Collections Temporarily Moved


Special Collections has temporarily moved to the Garden Level (#G02) of Blagg-Huey Library in order to renovate their space on the second floor. When completed, this area will more than double the size of their current space. If you need to reach them, please feel free to either call them (940-898-3751), visit them, or go to Ask an Archivist.

Collection and Table Movements

study area


The Blagg-Huey Library is continuing to renovate. The latest area is the Woman’s Collection on the 2nd floor. We are planning to add additional space and need to prepare for the work to begin. As a result, the Cook Book Collection has been relocated to the 1st floor and the study tables have been moved to the 1st and 3rd floors. Theses and dissertations are still available by contacting the Information Desk. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Silent Study Space Grand Opening

study space


The Blagg-Huey Library will hold a grand opening of its new Silent Study Space on Wednesday, October 31 at 2:30 pm. The celebration will begin with a ribbon cutting by Dr. Feyten on the ground floor of the Library. The space will then be opened up for tours. Come join us and see our new student-centered space!


Fall 2017 Update

render of study area


The Blagg-Huey Library has seen several changes over the summer:

  • Students will find that all of the study rooms have been cleaned and repainted
  • The study rooms will be receiving new furniture within the next year
  • The entire Main Collection is now on the 3rd floor of the Library
  • The Children’s Collection has moved to the 1st floor
  • The Garden Level (former Children’s Collection) is being renovated for a silent study space
  • There are no longer 2 service points on the 1st floor. The Information Desk now provides circulation, interlibrary loan, reserves, and reference services all in one convenient place
  • Our security guards have a new station at the front entrance
  • The Library has replaced several chairs for better comfort and movability
  • Two conference rooms on the 3rd floor have been refurbished with video and collaborative equipment
  • A large area has been cleared on the 1st floor where our Children’s Collection will be relocating
  • 18 new computer workstations have been added to the 1st floor, replacing the former 2nd floor computer lab

What’s ahead?

  • The new silent study space will open in October
  • Construction will begin next week on the 2nd floor to make room for The Write Site which will open in late September
  • The Psychology Resource Center has recently relocate to the 2nd floor of Blagg-Huey and will begin their tutoring shortly
  • The new collaborative conference areas will open within the next few weeks (Room 308 and Room 322)

We apologize for the noise that comes with the progress and encourage you to get some earplugs at the information desk to alleviate the noise. Our staff are also available to help you find a quieter study space if needed.

The Library is excited about the changes! We are addressing student concerns by improving our spaces.

Silent Study Area Construction

empty bookshelves


Over the summer, the Blagg-Huey Library will be transforming the Garden Level to create a silent study space for students. This request has been the #1 student request for space needs in the Library. The Children’s Collection has been moved to a temporary space on the First Floor so that the compact shelving can be moved and reinstalled. The Collection will then be permanently moved to the First Floor. The former Children’s area will be opened up into one large room and new furniture, tables, and work areas will be installed.

Study Spaces Remodeling


chairs and an ottoman

The Library will be undertaking some major changes this summer that will provide silent study space, new furniture, and nicer study spaces. In order to do this, we need to temporarily close down all of our study rooms. In the meantime, if you are in need of quiet space, please ask the Library staff to help you find an area in the Library where you can study. We apologize for the inconvenience but since our summer months are fairly slow, we decided to do this now so that we disrupt as few of our students as possible.

The Library will remain open all summer but the study rooms will close. Thank you.

Roof Repair Complete

library roof


Our new roof is done! We hope that you will walk by and admire the wonderful work, including new copper on the cupola, dormers, and downspouts (along with the Texas Lone Stars). Although the fence has been removed, there is still landscaping work to complete. Once the grass is in and the bushes replaced this entire project will be done. Thank you for your patience during this project. 

Roof Repair Progress

roof plans


Crews have been diligently working at the Blagg-Huey Library since early December to provide us with a new roof. Although there have been some weather delays, the project is on schedule and will be completed by the summer of 2017. You will notice the new copper work on the cupola, which was recently completed. The new shingles that have been installed are very attractive and bring out the building’s white dormers. As the crews work, certain areas of the 3rd floor may be temporarily taped off for safety reasons. Library staff are happy to relocate anyone who is inconvenienced or bothered by the noise (earplugs are available at the Information Desk). The Library remains open its regular hours during the construction period. We appreciate your patience while this project is being done.

Roof Repair to begin Nov. 28


roof plans

Crews will be at the library on Monday (11/28) to begin installing fencing. The entire building will be fenced off except for the front entrance. The roof replacement is scheduled to be completed by Summer 2017. Regular updates on the project will be available on the library webpage. There will be some noise due to the construction. Patrons can check out earplugs from the Circulation Desk. The project is being done in three phases so as the workers proceed, library staff will help redirect our users to a quieter space as needed.

Library roof repair to begin soon; Library will stay open during regular hours

aerial image of library roof


Repairs to the roof of Blagg-Huey Library will begin soon. Library will be open during regular hours. Scaffolding fences will surround the library building. Facilities Management will do their best to limit the noise as much as possible. The roof construction project is scheduled to be completed before Summer 2017, but is subject to change due to weather and construction delays. We will keep you updated about the progress.